Ready : Music Review

Samajh lo something is wrong with you if 'Dhinka Chika' doesn't make you get up and dance. Fultoo desi style. The stylebhai style. The remake of Ringa Ringa - the original telugu track by Devi Sri Prasad - is pretty apt in Bollyfied version too. Mika and Amrita Kak - perfect for the song. Except this - all tracks are composed by Pritam. Another track that is perfect for Salman - Character Dheela - is a pleasant surprise because it has lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, who rarely pens such stuff. Can't wait to see Sallu dancing to these two tracks.

Oh, wait - there's a third one too. Meri ada bhi - a complete Punjabi flavored track that makes you want to move instantly. Starting with traditional 'mera long wacha' - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan [thank God, this time not in standard 'Pritam gave me this to sing' track], paired with Tulsi Kumar [wannabe Shreya?], fantastic dance track. And lastly, there's a standard 'Love song by Pritam' too. With his trademark beats Humko Pyaar Hua by KK/Tulsi Kumar is sweet.

Overall, for a commercial potboiler, soundtrack of Ready is pretty fun. Get ready for more fun in the movie.


  1. Not one of the films I'm looking forward to watch... But I'll still watch it.

  2. Anonymous03:43

    its not "long wacha"
    its laung gwacha

  3. Lime(tte)
    yes. Same feeling here. Cause promo was not good at all. Still, will watch. Oh and 'character dheela' video is fun, isn't it?

    thanks yaar. Will correct that.

  4. I am really loving the ost to Ready! Every song is good. Dhinka Chika SO GOOD!!! My feet are already dancing!


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