Ahista Ahista : Forgotten Soundtracks [7]

After a long time, writing a post in this series. The series about under rated, unheard and not much celebrated albums that were really good. And surprisingly this time it has Himesh Reshmiyaa ! He was at the highest peak of career during middle of the last decade. Know most of the songs that become hit, were like annoying earworms to many. Ahista Ahista [2006] is one of the exemptions. First thing you need to put aside is the 'i hate himesh-nasal-reshamiyaa', and listen to this. 

Starting with title song the album takes a promising start. Addictive loop of Ahista Ahista with continued pacey beats makes place in mind instantly. While next one Allah kare is his own genre still worth listening to, similarly he makes Kay Kay sing in HR style with Sunidhi in Tanha tere bagair. Though Dil naiyyo maane with minimal, very basic arrangments, does not pass muster, Tum Jo mile by Kunal Ganjawala reminds indipop scene. Love it. 

But the three tracks I love (!) the most - Love you unconditionally ! Yes, despite of that weird lines, the beats and Himesh. Ah. This makes me visualize Abhay Deol singing in Himesh's voice. ;) But still, It was on repeat today in my mind. Next one is Ishq ne tere ishq ne - a qawwali based track with fab lyrics. Kay Kay is wonderful in this one. And who's behind those fab words? Irshad Kamil. After that semi-sufi track, Aawaan Ankhiyaan Jaawaan Ankhiyaan completes the album. The qawwali sung by Himesh, Jayesh Gandhi and Aftab Hashmi Sabri -is simply - fabulous.  Sigh.....why I still haven't seen this movie. :( 

Do give it a try - all Himesh requires is a director who can lead him to make such good tracks. 

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  1. Ahista Ahista is a very cute debut film, for both Abhay and Imtiaz. It's predictable, but still fresh, and the music is nice.
    Only thing annoying is Abhays hair cut.

  2. Been so long. Loved the album so much. :)

  3. OK..good post. But can't u write the spelling correctly atleast once? :D itz 'Reshammiya'..not Reshmiya or Reshamiyaa..


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