Ishqiya : Movie Review

Was watching TV after returning from Ishqiya. The First look of Shyam Benegal's 'Well Done Abba' came up. To my [rather shocking] surprise, the promo itself had 'beeps'. The foul language. May I ask why?? Why a maker like Benegal would like to sell his product on such lines?? Similar compalint is here with Vishal Bhardwaj too. When he knows that his product is outstanding-as always, why does the foul publicity takes place? Aren't they losing audience by doing so?? Believe it or not [if you haven't seen the movie] - there are hardly five 'gaalis' in Ishqiya. [so people who are expecting a 'gaali'pedia, shall avoid the movie]. But the way the promos were designed, a nice share of audience is lost.

Putting that aside, Ishqiya is such a fabulous example of movie making. Vishal has a franchise for Dark characters, Dark movies. And this is also travelling the same genre. Directed by Abhishek Chaubhey, Ishqiya is charming and at the same time a shocking movie. Charming in the way the love triangle is shown. The first half is so light hearted. And very well engaging. But as the layers of the story opens up one by one, viewers get shock after shock in terms of the story. Pretty neat narration indeed. Though the movie gets flawed during middle point of second half. Also the way the movie was set up, climax looks a 'bit' downer, but yet quite good.

When the movie comes from Vishal's production, there is no two way about the technical superiority. Absolutely superb cinematography of North India. Even the small details are taken care of. Has anyone heard of 'Gogo ice cream'? well, Mohana Krishna-the cinematographer somehow manage to capture that small thing too. Or, the smoke of fired bullet-not from the gun but from the place where it has been shot. Perfect!! and not to forget the base-the dialogues written by Vishal himself. Are to die for. The lines are life of the movie. Witty and corny humor at its best.

The music complements the mood of the movie completely. What you bring with yourself at home is lovely 'dil to bachcha hai jee' and haunting 'ab mujhe koi'. Close your eyes and you can see Vidya Balan. Such a powerful act of hers overhere. She is so confortable playing seductress who smoothly plans all acts. While one can never go wrong with Naseeruding Shah. He has the most adorable performance in the movie. Whenever he is on screen, we can't help but smile. Arshad Warsi is being repetative. But still he manages to get some highlights.

All in all, Ishqiya is a movie that surely will engage you throughout its runing time. Forget some flaws given Abhishek is a first timer; a really nice effort. A must watch, and great start to the year 2010 if you haven't seen any movie in this new year.

My Rating : 3.5 / 5


  1. Oh cool, am going to see it on Tuesday nite. Really looking fwd to it. And it'll be my 1st Hindi movie of the new year :D

  2. Oh, man, I'm dying to see this! Given the lead actors and the interesting storyline I can't imagine it failing... Your good report is encouraging. :-)

  3. Pitu
    Great. Your reviews are fun. Waiting for it. Thank God you have saved your time for this. Last year my first movie was CC2C; and see, the whole year was disaster.

    Well than, you are going to hall for this?? its really fun to watch it with a group of friends. Must try.

  4. wonderful review :)
    'dil to bachcha hai jee' is my fav number in recent times.......
    will surely give the film a watch :)

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  5. I would have loved to see it with friends but some of them are quite prudish and I don't want to risk them annoying me with their silly comments.

    Kaminey dekhi thi maine friends ke saath and my god poore time they were cribbing about the violence etc. I remember thinking tum log ne Satya/Company vagaire nahi dekhi kya? Aur agar nahi pasand to leave the theater, mera dimaag mat khao :p So yeah, Ajit and I will go akele to see Ishqiya :D

  6. wow, I want to see this. Why didn't know know about it? Haha,


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