5 Favorite Holi Songs

Holi hai...

The festival is here again. Festival of colors, festival of joy and celebration. And its the 'most' featured fest in Bollywood. Numerous songs and sequences are there. Also a 'bahaana' for directors for some nice cleavage footage :P. .. not going further into detail, I give you here, 5 of my favorite Holi songs. No, I m not listing the 'legendary' [or say, overplayed] songs like Rang Barse and Holi ke din.. Cause you know how much I dislike the overplayed songs.

So here is my list, and Happy Holi to All.

Ey Gori [Delhi Heights]
Rustic charm of Kailash Kher and Sonu Kakkar in this folk song is absolutely likable. Composed by Rabbi Shergill, movie's soundtrack is an underrated one.

Aaj Na Chhodenge [Kati Patang]
A childhood favorite of mine. Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh - the best pair those days. And what a Song ! I can easily put it as the best Holi song of yesteryears. Yes, above Rang Barse and Holi ke din.

Ja re hat natkhat [Navrang]
What Choreography!! Only V.Shantaram can create such wonderful visuals. And only Sandhya can dance like that. Music by Great C Ramachandra, this song is a gem.

Dekho Aai Holi [Mangal Pandey]
When we come from past to present, none but only Rahman's name come up in such listings. A song partially sung by Aamir, featuring himself is obviously my favorite. Fantastic composition with all those drum [nagaara] beats!

Aa shyam rang rang doo [Water]
One of the best OST of Rahman. Water, had this superb track which went unnoticed. A truly delightful track and beautiful visuals. [no video on youtube though]. If you can get this movie, just WATCH IT yaar, fantastic movie too !!


  1. Fab post, i love the Navrang one too but my all time fave holi song is in Sholay plus i have a soft spot for the one in the '05's Waqt, i like when Priyanka goes Ayee holi theeyyy holi'


    another favourite is 'Piya sang khelo Holi'


  2. Wow! Great songs for Holi I enjoyed the Navrang song it is my all time favorite song

  3. HOLI HAI!!! Hope you have a wonderful celebration! Great post and great songs! I'm surprised the one from Waqt didn't make it too!

    Wishing I was in India this weekend!

  4. Nice post. :) I like Navrang and Kati Patang songs quite a lot. Never heard the others. I'll check them out. Thanks!
    Happy Holi to you!

  5. Cool, non-traditional choices. I didn't expect any of them except the Lagaan one (because really, how can you *not* reference it?)!

  6. Thank you all.
    @bollywooddeewana Your picks are good. But i don't like that Sunidhi going in hiccup mode in Holi song. :)

    @Deep Jadhav Thanks and welcome to my blog.

    @shell Waqt i have given reason above. :) had a good celebration. Thx

    @Kanan Happy Holi to you too.

  7. ajnabi
    Yeah, you know me perfectly, right? How can i miss Mangal pandey's song?? :D

  8. Its amazing but how to download it in


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