Well Done Abba : Music Review

After successful portrayal of north Indian village in Welcome to Sajjanpur, Shyam Benegal is back with another of his satire work - Well Done Abba. Starring Minisha Lamba and Boman Irani. Continuing tradition of Music as story demands, WDA has 5 songs, most of them having situational feel, composed by Shantanu Moitra.

Meri Banno Hoshiyar is purely a north Indian wedding song. Sung by Ila Arun and Daniel B George, the track is fun to listen. But doesn't have repeat value.

Sandesa Sandesa sounds like a sequel to the love ballad of Welcome to Sajjanpur. Shreya tries to be as sweet as she can but the rhyming thing 'Sandesa' and 'Andesa' didn't work much. Male voice - Rupankar sounds nice. But the repeated pronunciation of Sandesa killed sweet melody of this mushy song.

Hum Toh Apni Bawdi Lenge is a sarcastic song about ministers and ofcourse, corruption. Ashok Mishra does it again after 'Aadmi Aazad Hai'. This must be absolutely fun on screen. As it sounds so too. Alongwith Swanand Kirkire, Surprisingly, Mohit Chauhan sounds so different which is commendable.

Rahiman Ishq Ka Dhaga Re starts just like 'Aaoge jab tum-JabWeMet'. And voice of Raja Hasan guarantees that this is going to be awesome. It is. To my Knowledge, for the first time Shantanu Moitra has composed sufi tracks, this one is predictable but truly fantastic.

Pani Ko Taraste is perhaps a song for climax of the movie. A qawwali by Raja Hasan. Like any other Benegal's movies, this carries forward the social messege. And this time its about water. How rain and water are important to us.


  1. I haven't been able to find the tracks online yet--I mean, to preview. I can't decide if I want to just go ahead and buy the CD... though really, at Nehaflix's prices it's not like I'd be out of all that much cash even if I didn't like it.

  2. hmmm...will listen to the song coz my fav mohit chauhan is back.........

  3. Late I am, again. :(

    I too have doubt whether you want to 'purchase' the music of this one. Its not that you will like them at once. Listen to them online and decide for yourself. its available on bollywoodhungama.com

    oh yes, Mohit is must listen in this one. Thank god he is not doing much stuff but special ones like this.

  4. Filmi music is a funny thing for me. Often I buy a song if I like the sound of it right away and then I get excited about the movie (this happens a lot and often the movie does not live up to the film). However, if the film does it's job, it makes the music even better.

    With that being said, I am liking Hum Toh Apni Bawdi Lenge and Rahiman Ishq Ka Dhaga Re quite a bit. Will probably check this one out too. I enjoyed Welcome to Sajjanpur quite a bit.

  5. shell
    Yes, it happens a lot of time when music was great and movie proved damp squib. There are many examples. Like we discussed on Twitter. And vice versa as you said, after watching the movie that perception is changed. Nice point there.

    Hum Toh apni.. has rustic desi feel to it. Glad you are liking it. on the other side, Rahiman.. has universal appeal with the sufi theme. Thats my favorite too. Welcome To sajjanpur definitely has raised expectations from this, but given the director is -Shyam Benegal, you can be sure that he can't go wrong at all.


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