Kites : Music Review

And the music is out. After instantly lovable Zindgi Do Pal Ki and Dil Kyun Yeh Mera promos, I was excited for the full soundtrack. And Rajesh Roshan does not disappoint at all. Penned by Nasir Faraaz and Asif Ali Beg, songs of 'Kites' are something, that is different from the regular stuff. And that makes it instantly likable to me.

Smooth vocals of KK does it again. Zindgi Do Pal ki keeps you haunting after repeated listening. A standard Rajesh Roshan song with fusion of Sitar and Guitar strings. I didn't expect the song will be pacey as it is. Still I loved it.

Continuing vocal bliss, KK comes again with Dil Kyun yeh mera. A love ballad starting with soft strings later becomes heavy by electric guitar riff. Instantly reminds me of Anurag's earlier movie Life in a Metro. Where Pritam created same magic.

Next is a surprise. Tum Ho Wohi by Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jagan !! Yes, two rock-stars of present Bollywood scene. So you can expect the sparks. The song is innovative in terms of composition with different instruments like percussion and triangle. The song is hard to develop instant liking but it must be treat to watch Hrithik in this. I hope he will dance with madness as he did in 'Dil laga-D2' the song having same feel.

Talking about Hrithik, and the next track is for him, by him. Yes, Kites in the sky is sung by Hrithik... and Suzzane !! No No, not SUzzane Khan, but our very own Suzzane D'mello. Suzzane's lovely voice starts the track, soon Hrithik takes her over in this Opera styled song. With some help of machine Tweaks, Yes, he sounds really nice. And minimalistic composition, having just strings, makes it fabulous. Its Suzanne who wins accolades with Latino rendition.

Tailor made for the dancing star - Fire is a perfect dance floor track. Starting with light beats, the song peaks up interstingly in 2nd minute reaching its height. Sung by Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani, Anirudh Bhola and Anushka Manchanda, Fire surely makes you stand up and move your feet.

All in all, for this Romantic Thriller, the soundtrack is oh so perfect. Just can't wait for Kites, can't wait for Hrithik !!

and oh, by the way, look below. I told you there must be 'fire' in the song 'Fire'.


  1. Hrithik dancing (of course there is fire!)... Hrithik romancing... What more can one want? ;-) 21st May better hurry up - I am starting to cross the days off on my calendar, already!

  2. ya, the promos were excellent, but i feel donot expect much more!

  3. OH MY GOD! I CAN NOT WAITTTTTTTTT for this MOVIE! I KNOW. The VICTORY is IN KITES! and All the awards will be in KITES thats my dream InshaALLAH! Hrithik will hold all the awards!and all AWARDS GO FOR KITES! LOVE YOU HRITHIK and love YOU KITES!

  4. Great review loved the two songs by kay kay, but still it hasnt made me excited for the movie

  5. Darshit!!! I have a LOT of catching up to do. Glad to be back in the blogosphere and definitely look forward to listening to your music recommendations, they're almost always really good! Thanks bhai. More soon.

  6. bollyviewer
    looks like a huge fan of Hrithik you are. I too, can't wait to see awesomeness of Hrithik dancing to both of the songs - Tum bhi ho wohi and Fire.

    why don't u expect much? I think its gonna be a hit, but yes, a classy hit.

    Hi, and welcome to my blog. seems u r so excited for the movie. Great, keep ur fingers crossed.

    Rahul Agrawal
    hey buddy, thanks. Read your review, seems like after few listeing, it got you interested, isn't it?

    Yes, there is so much more happening. magar haan, mere daawon pe mat jao, apni akal lagaao :D LOL

  7. I have conflicting thoughts about this movie. Wanted to see it initially, then refused to see it once I heart they were making an international version (sans picturizations). Then I saw the trailer before MNIK and it looked so good. I haven't heard the music yet, but look forward to it soon. Almost always it influences my decision one way or another, and it sounds like something to look forward to.

  8. shell
    I sincerely hope they would release both versions in other countries. Cause there are people who love our movies for its songs only. Yes, without songs it can be a gamble. Just imagine, Hrithik movie without his dance moves!!

  9. The soundtrack has its zings. But tht is limited to just the first two songs. Baaki songs are quite mediocre and remixed versions don't do a thing to me.

    That's pretty much it actually. To be honest, I am not looking forward to this at all. I think Hrithik is just a lame over-actor. He's way too much overrated, and even though he works hard, it just comes out the wrong way. IMHO, his best works was as Zafar Khan in Luck by Chance. What say Mr.Joshi?

  10. the album hasn't quite grown on me yet .. a few good tracks but i think this will be a slow burner

  11. sujoyji,
    I think music will suit the movie. Quite fun to listen. aur jahan tak Hrithik ki baat hai i believe he's a good actor. But he requires good directors. Since his earlier movies, I found him act fine. Yes, LBC's Zafar was a treat to watch. one of his best.

    Lets see whether it grows on you or not. Cause 3 tracks takes their own time.

  12. Anonymous09:58

    Surely Hrithik will rock this time.

  13. Arnab Bhattacharya12:50

    Hey, I am also a Hrithik fan but before that a fig Aamir Khan and Abhay Deol Fan.. Actually after Jodha Akbar I expected something very different and classy from Hrithik this time and when i heard Anurag Basu is directing the film I jumped up..Alas!! the trailers had put me down as it looks like run of the mill chase thriller with romantic angle between Hrithik and Mori..but then i wish i am wrong. Coming to music I liked Hrithik's debut as a singer. he used minimal instrument for "kites in the sky" and expectedly did well. "dil kyun mera sor kaare" is a good musical track but the music in the portion "..aur dil ke mele mein hai akele kitna tanha mein yaahan.." as a striking resemblence to cult bengali song "Coffee House" sung by legendary Manna Dey.. and me and all my bengali frnds were disappointed to hear it :(

  14. LUIZA10:51


  15. Kites review have evoked mixed responses among the movie lovers globally prior to its much awaited release across the world.


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