Shaapit : Movie Review

  • Ghost lady standing on road - check.
  • An ancient Taavij - Check
  • A haunted palace - Check
  • Possessed heroine - Check
  • Heroine with candle - Check
  • Hold each others hand on round table to recall 'Aatmaa'- check
  • Silly makeup of 'Aatmaa' - check
  • Daak Banglaa with Watchman - check
  • BAD acting by the lead actors.

and I absolutely loved
  • A song by Bhatakti Aatmaa - check check check.

There was a time when Indian movie industry was categorized like the Veda system. If people wanted to get entertained-there were hardcore masala movies. If they wanted to smile-comedy movies. If they wanted to see some serious acts-art house movie. And when they wanted to get frightened - there were always good old Ramsay movies. No doubt how silly the movies were, it surely had managed to scare Indian audience a big time. Enter the Hollywood movies and satellite revolution, we got more choosy and aware about our movies, and it became easy to throw off bad products.

Well, this blah-blah doesn't mean that Vikram Bhatt's Shaapit-the Cursed is a bad product. Never. But at many places, it reminded me of Ramsays and still it was quite an enjoyable watch. No matter how bad the lead actors-Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal are. The movie succeeds to scare everyone with all the unexpected and sometimes expected chills and thrills. Vikram has roped in many theories including Thiben language, Inca culture and ...hold your breath...Time Traveling !! Yes, you've read it right. Besides this mess all around, you get perfect Horror situations on screen. For example a scene in old Library or the scene on road where heroine is traveling alone or the scenes in cinema hall, it makes us jump off the seats.

Rahul Dev is the only one who manages to give a fine act. But he to loses his control in the muddled screenplay. Still, the past stories and connections with present, are interesting. Also it involves museums, jails and palaces which made it more interesting for me. The climax is mind blowing and it manages to scare the hell out of you. Vikram Bhatt has made great use of the palace and jails around it. Given some nice songs, "better makeup of the ghost" [i must be kidding right?!!!] and commendable acts, this movie could have done wonders. But still, it is a watchable fare if you are a fan of Bollywood horror movies.

Yes, no doubt there are hardly any genuine, perfect in all aspects, horror movies in Bollywood. But take it, if we are masters of masala movies, then we are masters of these kind of immature horror movies. Shaapit manages to scare us throughout the movie- and making it a paisa vasool time pass. Go and watch it if you are a fan of spooky stuff.

My rating : 3 / 5
Favorite Scenes : Mostly all spooky scenes.


  1. Thanks soooo much for reviewing this. Looks like something I will be interested in. You rock, Darshit. Again, like I told you before, we both have similar taste in films :)

  2. Hey Hey, thanks Nicki. Yes, we have similar taste. Trust me, you are gonna love this movie.

  3. I've never seen a full on horror. I used to be a fan of scary movies but it seems my tastes have changed as I've gotten older (though I enjoyed the little bit of ghostly suspense in Bhool Bhulaiya). However, I checked out the soundtrack and really like Shaapit Hua. Might have to expand my viewing so get the full Hindi movie experience!

  4. shell
    I m surprised yaar. Not a single horror?? You must check out Hindi horrors like Bhoot, Raat, Vastushastra, Raaz series or this one. They are fun, totally :) Yes, Bhool Bhulaiya surprised me by that ghostly thing in story. Loved that portion. I haven't heard OST of this one, but it sounds quite good on screen.

  5. Thought I would share with you that another Atlanta reviewer wrote in the monthly Desi newsletter that she loved this film too :)


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