Me & theBollywoodFan : Jab We Met.....

Zameen Hil gai...Aasman ruk gaya.....Jab We Ahmedabad ki Galiyon mein........nah, nothing that kinda happend. Bas, the temperature was high - 41°C !!

And finally, We met ! Besides a few bloggers, all of my readers will find this crazy, but yes, I was so eager to meet theBollywoodFan -my idol blogger. He is in India right now, and spared some days for Ahmedabad too. So glad he spared some time to meet me.

No other place can be better besides my favorite Crossword. The largest chain of Music+Books store in India. Because movies and music are in the air and all around us, naa. He came a little late coz he was having sore throat and li'l illness [yes, ladies, usne kucch khayaa nahi :P , sirf I had coffee]. And the blah blah started in the cafe of bookstore. First thing he shooted that we guys are strong critics. Give me any desi movie, and I would gladly see that. Hahaha, point noted. But kya kare, bollywood is around us 24 hours, so we can't help; but to crib about whatever we get our hands upon.

We talked and talked, everything under the sun. I gave regards which came to me from the U.S. of A. Surprisingly we did not discussed much about Aamir. Would you believe that? Not about Aamir !!! Though we had chat about how started watching bolly from Lagaan and more movies. How much he loves 'Bombay'. How he liked Gandhi Ashram at Ahmedabad. How he enjoyed last week in his motherland-Bombay that is. How he got disappointed the Bombay is being shaped up now. And the atmosphere. The communities battling with each other.

TBF was there and no mention for Juhi ji?? impossible. Hilariously, he showed me a snap which he took while going in taxi, he stopped the taxi and took the snap of a grocery store, where the Kurkure poster was displayed. Oh, and he 'did' like My Name Is Khan, upto that storm part. Flattered by SRK, he told if Aamir would not be in acting, SRK is next he can look forward to, NOW. ;)

I wished I could tell him how his blog helped me a lot to rejuvenate my own. I wished I could tell him how superb writer he is, how his language is so strong and the command on words. But when we talked, I forgot everything. Even the coffee shop fellow was in dizzy what we both are upto- discussing BLUE's shooting, Kambakht Ishq's shooting and all. He must be thinking that this fellow is some movie director. HAHA. So we did give him a chance, and gave him camera tBF had got [i din't bring it with me, cause I know, how tBF loves Anonymity] . Coffee man clicked a pic and then we went in bookstore for some shopping. And in another store, for some IPL [Cricket] teeshirts.. :) the two hour long meet came to end with that. sigh! can we meet again?

Blogger-Ladies in US, kill him when he come there, cause he did not let me get something for all you, and still - gave me a nice gift !!

Oh, yaad aaya - baaton baaton mein he told that its been Two years since he's blogging. Damn, then I realized my blog has turned 5 year old - Need to do a Celebration Blog Post - Soon.

Oh, and finally, Now I know that 'theBollywoodFan' is 'not' Aamir Khan... :D :D :D

Oh, and stealing from his blog, here is pic of us :P


  1. OMG, I loooooooove this meetup! I love how he inspired you to blog again and that you both met. Are you sure he doesn't resemble Aamir :) Thanks for sharing this with us all!

  2. Anonymous10:22

    What fun! What a lovely post Darshit-ji! I'm so delighted that you guys got to meet. You both have in common that you demonstrate such enthusiasm and passion that translates to your blogs, making them great reads. It's wonderful that you got the time to meet in person. Love your photo too. Thanks for sharing!
    All the best!

  3. Nice! Am sure you had tons of fun! It's always great to meet up blogger friends. And btw when I next come to India, if I come to A'bad, I plan to pig out on Gujrati snacks XD

  4. That's really awesome, Darshit! I am so so jealous of both of you! :-)

  5. Nicki hahaha, yes, he's not like Aamir. And oh, he's tall enough. So that makes some sense. Otherwise I might have thought he is undercover Aamir who was publicizing 3 idiots back in december.

    BollywoodFoodClub Sita-ji, Dhanyavaad. Hope we all bloggers can meet one day.

    Pitu Haa, fun. Yes, but time kam pada. I wanted a full day :) but understand he had so many things to catch upon. Do ask him when he returns, to do a blogpost with all the pics.

    ajnabi :) lets arrange a meeting, never mind if virtual but all of the bloggers together.

  6. Hi :)

    Sorry, don't have a twitter id to do your music quiz! Would've loved to do it. Will figure a way out.

    Thanks for being one of the regulars in the Filmfare online community... You guys really rock! Too bad they stopped the Blog features section else would've featured your blog in there with your friend theBollywoodfan ;)

    Thanks once again.

  7. Wow i'm a bit late, but i enjoyed reading about you guys meeting up,how sweet

  8. Anonymous09:32

    Haha! Somebody's got a crush on somebody! Kidding!

  9. Woah, Darshit, I just saw this, so very humbled bhai, from where should I start? :)

    It was *great* to meet you too, and I hope we can schedule something next time as well -- even if in a different city, and hopefully for a bit longer (forgive me for the rush) -- unless you decide to come to our side of the globe before then.

    SO very much to share, lots more later. I'll call you some random day and time, LOL, since we could probably go on and on and on about films and music!

    Jai Hind.

  10. Extremely late in replying.

    but hey, Jugal is here. The Filmfare guy. Thanks a lot for being on my blog yaar. I m little khafaa but its okay, shayad mera bad luck kharab tha, so ff stopped publishing blogs. Would like to see you soon on Twitter.

    Thanks man.

    what a name, yaar. thanks for stopping by here. and oh, in our blog-languge, we call it Bromance !!

    Hey, happy i m to see u back. I understand you were on a ride while in India. Though i doubt you can see me on other side of the world,:D .. can't wait for your call. All the best with work, especially after this long vacation.


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