Happy Diwali

Hello everyone., and happy diwali / new year.
Diwali is a boom time for movie goers and for cinema halls. This day i went for Golmaal Returns. I went for first show, and i got tickets of last show !!!
Meanwhile throughout the day, i got reviews from news channels and my dear friend Nirmal, that its simple bakwas.
I thought....nahinnnn.....
When i went in at 10 pm. I was waiting for my bro and bhabhi. And then i called him up, so i got to know that my papa has got fever so program should be cancelled.
So there, i was saved. By watching a bad movie.
Instantly i gave all tickets to a guy standing and waiting for someone to give him tickets. So there, he thanked me [and paid too....] and i was rafooo chakkar !!!


  1. Hi Darshit: Happy Diwali yaar! (der aaye drust aaye). Hope your father's well. And I do believe you were saved from a bad movie. I saw its trailers (released with Kidnap) and they were horrible. I really expected more from Kareena (not Ajay or Tushar, I didn't even like the first one).


  2. thanx for stopping by regularly, i got addicted like same too. Ya ! you are true. Me too, haven't seen first one. in full.
    My friend has seen this one, and gave 1 star to it.
    He praised Fashion a lot, though. So i m planning for that


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