Hello - A Silly Adaptation

its shallow ,, shallow....
ya it is. or maybe i have read one night @ the call
center., three times, and recently once too. thats may be reason of this kind of opinion. But seriously, Atul the directror, just couldn't take this challenge. Its the situations, some funny moments and something that is never seen on bollywood screen, that will work for this movie, if it will.Hello is blindly based on the novel. While taking only a little bit of liberty with the story. I will not go into story, cause its all known. Okay. fine. but depth was expected from this movie, because CB - the writer himself was involved in screenplay too. But it seems like Touch and Go. Each important scene is selected, played like a Play and next scene comes. Screenplay part is quite weak. Whoever has read this book, will always been thinking, some really good scenes are not taken too.
while there are some scenes which are executed as well as in the book itself. Like the one, smooch of Shyam and Priyanka. Introduction scene of Esha. Vanishing of story teller. The hillarious toilet scene. Bakshi encounter with career graph. Good ones.
but on the counterpart, most crucial ones are wasted. Like anger and passion of all characters is missing. Like in a scene Radhika [amrita] hav to throw empty pill bottle on table, a cold scene. Same coldness in Vroom's angry scene. Again Vroom acting after knowing whats with Esha. That scene is completely lost. Which must be a good one, if it was made that way. Again Amrita acts badly at Chemist scene. Where she could have showed off her best one. Gul panag as central heroine, Priyanka, is completely lost. She looks little bit older than the character. Her scene after phone tapping, is bad. And the worst part was the Main part. The main scene where God calls, that scene is wrapped in so hurry, it gets wrapped in just 5 minutes. Missing a very important point which was there in the book.
So there, there is a serious problem with the screenplay. Its not bad either. But once you have a Best Seller Book to refer to, Expectations must be sky high. So director should better watch for that.
Talking about actors, Sharman is little bit good, Suhail is just sleepwalking, Gul is lost, Amrita is waste, Only Esha who is too perfect for her role. Sharat is also good as military uncle. Bakshi-Dalip Tahil gives a silly performances. Music is below average for such a movie.
If this had a Passionate Cast it would simply bang bang...but for a Best Seller...its shallow....Though its not bad to watch your favorite novel, turning into a movie, a rarity in Indian cinema, so sure go for it. You won't have bad time. But just see how it is on screen thats it. Then just forget it. And live with your own imaginative characters of the book.
Dear Chetan, please stick to, what you are best at, no body can transform your witty one liners, your romantic dates and dialogues in to a movie. Hope Raju Hirani does justice, to a Modified FPS in 3 idiots.
I would rate this 2 out of 5. Just because of watching your fav characters come alive on screen, badly though.

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