Roadside Romeo - The Review

Dogs, Dogs, everywhere. But now i dont see them. I see Romeo, and other characters. For now. Some Romeos did followed me too, to leave me at home.
Anyways, you know what i am talking about. India's First full fledged Big Banner, Big Stars Animated Movie [Phew..]. Roadside Romeo.

What's it all about ? All of you know. Story of Romeo [Saif] who is thrown out of Rich family, after they moved to UK, and he is living on roads. Meets 3-4 local taporis, who he befreiends with. starts a small business of Salon. But forget to pay Charlie Anna [Jaaved], the Hafta. So there, our hero gets in trouble. Meanwhile he already got connected with beautiful [truly beautiful] Laila [kareena].
But Charlie is also in one sided love with Laila. So there, Romeo woos Charlie to make him cool enough, that Laila accepts him and let Romeo live free.

Seems a typical story isn't it?? No, cause this is all about DOGS. Yes, that's the difference. Movie starts of little bit dull, but slowly it engages viewers with a serious effort to make an entertaining flick. Somehow it suceeds too. Maybe some more one liners could help this one. There were a few, but good one liners.

Technically [the most imp aspect as it is animation movie], this movie shall not be compared with all Disney, Pixar movies. But still a sincere effort has been done. Thats all over the screen. The creation of Town, Gullys and beautiful moonlight. Though i wonder, why there are not much People shown in the movie??

REferences to Yashraj movies are as usual, overhere. Dhoom 2 posters are everywhere. Music is there. and finally, DDLJ too. In a quite funny sequence. I really liked that one. Other scenes are likable too. The best scene was Moonlight [Rooftop] Romance. A really tough to make animation for this kind of scene. Beautiful sequence with nice music and even nice Choreography !! Yes, animated characters can dance so good !! Even in Laila's stage show, The detailed audience and all things, are fab. Truly labor of love. The Laila song is also really fun. So is the ''cool cool song''.

Characters are in tune. saif and kareena's this on screen chemistry is better than in Tashan. I got goosebumps in Rooftop romance scene. While watching both. Problem is liittle bit with Javed, who seems little odd. His character is designed so weird, he could be little bit good looking. He looks really weird. And even though they are showing close ups more and more. Screenplay could be more interesting, with crispy dialogues. With some more spoofs over the other movies.

But overall, its a great effort. Keep it up Bollywood, after all we have that, anybody else dont have. THE DANCE. THE SONGS. THE LOVE. So there, go for it. You won't feel cheated like some of last Yashraj's movies. This is an Entertainer. Just enjoy it and forget it. But i will surely keep a clipping of Rooftop Romance in my mobile clippings.

till then....bow vowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...........

my rating: 3 / 5 [entertainer]

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  1. Hi Darshit: This sounds interesting. Thanks for your review. It'll be interesting to see Ajay Devgan's production Toonpur Ka Superhero, and compare it when it comes out, against this. We could certainly use some more animated flicks in Hindi, fun! Cheers!


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