Busy Saturday – a Sequel

Hey, I just noted this…my blog posts has reached at 50. 50 posts are published….great….thanks to my readers [anybody there??]….and now read on this 51st.
OK, now don’t get bored. I m going to write another shorty about ‘busy’ Saturday. Actually I have holiday on Saturday and so that I do things which I like the most. Yes, movies… I always make sure that I don’t miss any good one.

This Saturday I was lucky that Rock on !! is still going on in halls. After lunch, I straightly went to hall, got ticket, sat back relaxed and enjoyed…again. That fabulous movie. One thing I want to add to my review is, amazingly director has taken big risk of putting up continue 3 songs, without a single scene in between them. Rock On, Zehreelay and Pichhle saat dinon mein… All three are a continue treat. Audience don’t dare to go out. Enjoyed it very much. Similarly two songs, after one another in climax. Lovely ‘tum ho toh..’ and catchy ‘Sinbad the sailor’. Bravo.

At last,

I got to see ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ – quoted as ‘most sincere effort’ of the year. Yes, it indeed is. The movie is so sincere, that it carries you away with it like you are watching and feeling aftershocks of Mumbai blasts. A brilliant ensemble cast. Just see names. Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay [always the best], Irrfan Khan, Madhvan and Soha Ali khan. All brilliance dazzle on screen. But show stealer is Paresh as always, and I don’t know his name, the guy who plays ‘Kadam Saab’ a junior to Paresh Rawal. He is awesome. Also I don’t know, why on earth Paresh do crap roles like ‘chaddi’ vendor in one two three. And so on. Please sir, do what you are best at.
The director ‘Nishikant Kamat’ who was very famous with his Marathi movie, Dombivali Fast, in his this first hindi venture-shines all the way.

Yes, the movie lacks of tight plot, but this is a different one. It’s a docu-drama. Which follows 5 different people after 7/11. So at some places, it purely looks like a documentary about govt. about police and so on. But still it gets you involved. Whenever you see script is falling, Paresh comes and saves the show. Madhvan is also good so is Soha. Irrfan is getting so popular in this kinda roles, without much dialogues, like the one of Raj Kapoor in Jaagte Raho. I can see director is inspired by that character for Irrfan. Mumbai is shot very well. Pure and pure Mumbai spirit. Climax speech of Paresh is also very moving. The scene, I and most of the people will like is the last one, when everyone gets up and stand in silence for Blast victims. Amazing, pin drop silence in hall. Full credit to director. And a slowly increasing sound of the song-

’Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan…zara hatke zara bachke yeh hai ‘Bambai’ meri Jaan…’

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