Mumbai-Been There, done so many things....

this is not the first time, i am in mumbai.. but i was on official tour to mumbai. And after so long time i got to go there, so fascinated i am about mumbai. So there i m going to write everything i seen, i done.

bombay central, taxi, cp tank, khetwadi, lane 1, 2 3 and so many lanes, marine drive, walked 1500 mtrs, [milestones are there paved], seen 'phoren' people a lot, amazing evening, wow skyline, improved lighting at skyline comparing to earlier, ppl, ppl and lot of ppl, babes, bimbos, guys, gays, uncles, aunties, wannabes, africans, americans, koreans, all at marine drive evening, dogs cats and catwomen, live rock cafe, ambassador hotel, churchgate, bookshop at footpaths, each book at 50 bucks, fashion street, streeeeeet, rain, songs of 'life in a metro', maratha mandir, metro, regal, eros, all legendary cinema halls, byculla, warden road, charni road, mira road, grant road, chirabazar, darukhana, haji bandar, mazgaon, old churches, old mosques, old temples, and new traffic.

community based flats buildings, gymkhanas, arsis, parsi community welfare things- library, gym, hospitals - all in abandoned position.

Ramsay brothers' office, RMDhariwal's shop [manikchand], enthusiasm of Ganesh Chaturthi, pilgrims of Paryushan, Colors of Ramzan at Mazgaon. Long market of Muslims celebrating Roza, beautiful market of food with colors, roadside thelas, mass namaz on road, worst living conditions, worst roads, footpath living still happy people, working hard-getting paid penny - bhaiyyas, 'baniya' sheths, spooky godowns, airy wearhouses, shops, shops and shops....

return...kolaba, gateway of india, shivaji statue, people, people around both of them. Songs of 'Life in a Metro', photographers, ppl ppl and ppl. Metro's song sings 'yeh kaisi bheed hai bas jahaan, tanhaiya mile...''
channe wala, juice wala, bhelpuriwala, ladkewala, ladkiwala, bachchowala, 'phoren' wala, policewala and 'kadiya kaam wala' [repairing gateway]....

got 2 photoes clicked of mine, one at Taj and other at Gateway, seen and noted 1st time a hill in the sea [abhi tak kyun nahi dikha tha?] so many Neval ships in the see...

Walked, asked a Buggy [Ghodagadi] for a ride [remember, Jane tu...] costly for alone, idea dropped, walked, sev puri.......yummy...opposite gate of to a black couple....yummy.....walked// Tarun Tahiliani showroom....walked walked, 'Alvida Alvida''
walked back, in passage of Taj, looking Suspicious and Taj doorkeeper went crazy,....i just laughed and walked away.

Kalaghoda, Tendulkars' restaurant, national art gallery, Jehangir art gallery, national museum, walked to adjacent market, big market of cds, cd walla, mobile walla, chinese stuff walla, got one game dvd, next, books, got 'eleven minutes', next, cd walla, got LOST season 2, next dvd wala, got some porn, next next pen drive, , next RHYTHAM HOUSE - 60 years old music shop at kala ghoda, got Rolling stone magazine, best collection of music it has, walked outside, books books but no LOTR, next

Taxi , back to c p tank, but hey surprise,,,, via marine drive, full on view of 9 pm. rocking...what a view of skyline...each and every big store on the way, full ride on...ppl ppl and hey Chowpati is so near to where i stay??, again back in gullys, lanes and Ganeshas....hes everywhere these days, so there.

Next morning, Bhendi bazaar, null bazaar, memonwada, dongri, mazgaon and all left for was Visarjan for one day Ganesha...people frenzy, people dancing, people jumping, reciting 'ganpati baappa moriya '', Bigh arrangements and pandals, Tourism police, again 'Phoren people', chowpati crowd,

Bhelpuri on chowpati...yummy.. sitting on sand, then, pau bhaji, yummy, Malai kulfi, mix kulfi....uff...full stomach..

Walked to Marine drive, 2500 mtrs. the milestone was telling, walked along with joggers [or may be walkers] ...gyumkhana, walk walk, zaveri bazar, 1500 mtrs......phew......sat down at the wall of sea...lied down literally on it....10 minutes......

Got up, took taxi back to c p tank...morning,,,,again back to marine drive [fell in love]
ppl ppl ppl running, walking, jogging, doing yoga, ramdev chhap yoga, people couples making love gestures even at mornings [dont they get tired??] pigeons, waves and sand... lazy walkers, crazy walkers, frenzy walkers [no...not johnny walkers] cars on road, high speed vroooom. hey look.....a woman jogging.......wearing shoes....but hey what s that ....wearing a SAREE...ha whats that,,,,3 feet tall dog walking along a chihuahua. thats mumbai. Oh no, couple again [?!!!] now just stop kissing, its morning... Life in a metro......."Jab mile thodi phursat, khud se karle mohabbat".
Lets go back marine drive, bye kissing couples, bye mumbai..........

REALLY, LIFE IN A METRO's songs are having such thing, that whenver u listen to them , you have only one picture on mind...that s Mumbai. So much is the effect of the movie and the music. Other one song is 'Mann tu talbat' from 'Superstar' in movie, it is shot at Marine drive[only a bit of portion] with jumping waves at sea just oughta sing that song, when u walk on the sea facing wall......lastly..i will never forget singing 'Laree Chhoti...' form ek chalis ki last local....whenver i see a Mumbai Local Train. So suitable.

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  1. Anonymous00:58

    Cudnt have described the charm and life of Mumbia in any better way!!! It takes me walking rite next to you and experiencing it.

    You know you're good in describing (giving words to) your feelings & emotions. Then why do you some times dont do justice to yourself by saying your point out loud in front of us (every one)???


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