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So, what's up with me? Nothing much. watching movies, listening music....and all.
Recently i watched a mind blowing movie, 'A Wednesday' Directed by Neeraj Pandey,
its a hard hitting movie, flat 100 minutes long, thrilling, chilling and an example of Tightest Screenplay. Naseer, Jimmy, Anupam, Aamir bashir and even Deepal Shaw, all of the actors acts so well. Director has made equally suited role for all of them. But main hero is Screenplay. Its so tight, u sit on edges and can't think, whats gonna happen next. People get speechless at last scene where Naseer speaks.
One thing i liked, title sequence,which is just typing letters on screen, whole cinema hall was silent. Good.

listening to Drona, these days. Title song is good. The best of all is 'Bandgi'. Sunidhi is so calm and soothing, and Roopkumar Rathod is comendable. So soothing song. You can listen to it, by lights off. In terrace. looking at stars.
Another good song, is Nanhe Nanhe, from the same movie, after so long time, Sadhna Sargam, my favorite, is singing. Once again a lullaby, like the one in Swades[ahista ahista]. This to is a good rendition.

and what, Karzzzz.......[Himesh...]nahiii...i was crying, when Himesh killed my fav lounge song, 'Punjab' by Karunesh. 'Lut Jau' is a straight lift of the former. And himesh has shown no courtesy to Karunesh, to mention his name on cd.
anyways, thought its a copy, it sounds good. Crooning is good, as usual. And overall haunting feel is good.
balance all songs are crap [whatever i heard, still there are 3 songs, slow ones, are yet to be heard]
'Dhoom tere ishq ki' is good, i wish it was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, would be best.
Crap is ther too, Himesh has made total Kachra of old time classics.
Inspired by Om Shanti Om[from original movie], here it is, Hari om, the WORST song i have ever heard. Lyricist has written this crap see - 'tere ishq me dooba hai mera rom rom, hari om hari om' !!!!!!??????
And what does 'tandoori nights' means??? hungry or what???
'Ek hasina thi' sung by him and shrya ghoshal. total crap. this reminds me tribute of Farah Khan, in OSO 'Dastan e oso' was the best inspired song by ek hasina thi.

Yet to listen 3 songs, and read reviews that they are good. Lets see, i mean listen.

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