On A Busy (!!) Saturday !!

SO, There, finally I watched ‘Schindler’s List’. The most favorite movie amongst directors of whole world. Directed by Steven Spielberg. There is so much written about the movie. So I won’t go on and on about the movie. But it’s a fabulous, amazingly shot movie. Spell binding performances by all, yes the whole cast. Largest cast I have ever seen. Those who don’t know, whole movie is shot in black and white. One reason I think must be that, there is so much of blood in the movie, that director has got idea of b/w. Images cant go out of your mind, like scenes of shoot out, mass shower of ladies and girls, kids hiding in toilet gutters and many more. So hard hitting the movie is.

Next at night, I seen another movie with Nazi-Jewish backdrop. But in totally different way. ‘Exorcist-The Beginning’. A sequel of best horror movie ‘Exorcist’. This is unlike the original, so much of horror. This one is soft horror, and much of mythological. I decided to see movie at 11pm, with lights off. I started the movie, and was terrified in first 15 minutes only. I suddenly jumped up from bed and turned the lights on. Then watched the whole movie with lights on. It was ok ok movie though.

What’s more? Indian idol is on. Auditions are going on and on. Sonali is not bad as a judge. This time they are selecting more and more girls. That is good. Certainly I want a lady Indian idol this time. Lets see. On Saturday, one chubby girl [name was shruti or something] who was so confident, I think she will go places this time.

Finally, I heard whole soundtrack of Karzzz… Himesh impressed me in ‘dhoom tere ishq ki’ Really. Though still I think that Rahat Fateh ali Khan, is the most suitable voice for that. But Himesh has done a really good effort in this. Song keep running in my mind. Music and vocals both are good. [I know this is too much, but I cant deny good effort by HR]. Overall, music is passé, of Karzzz. It will find mass takers and movie is gonna find audience as well.

KIDNAP- what the f? Imraan how can u choose such a movie? I can tell by low quality promos of the movie, that it surely is going to be bombed at box office. Movie promos look like low grade movie. Who will say that this is movie by director of Dhoom and D2?? That was yashraj who made it look cool and sound cool too. Music is so rubbish overhere. Loot Jaye, track is recorded so poor way, that I hardly can hear voice of singer. And a shameless copy of ‘I love rock ‘n roll’ here in song ‘hey ya!!”. Rubbish lyrics rules overhere too. See the sample ‘Mausam bada Awesome hai’’. What??!!! And another song by Adnan. What the f Lyrics. Note down my words, movie will start off well because of JTYJN hangover about Imraan. Then it will find no takers after Sunday.

Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi - Rajshri Productions is at it again. Vivaah was sugarcoated sweet. This is more than that. This movie must be Sugarcoated ‘Vivah’. Yes double sugar. Its so so so much sweet, pure hindi, and marriage video kind of movie. I can tell this by listening to 12, yes 12 songs. None of them are close to Vivaah. Maybe all are situational, but still not upto the mark.

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