Rock ON !!!!!!

First of all, thanks a lot to Abhishek Kapoor the director, and the editor, for putting up all songs from the audio album into the movie. These days I was really disappointed when I see movies with great songs, are edited so bad, that best songs are left out. Rock on has a rocking soundtrack, and all yes all songs are there in movie. A very good reason to watch it again.
So, there it is. India’s ‘’first Rock movie- a movie about music’’. But wait, what about Jhankaar Beats? It was also, on same theme. OK it does have soft rock. But Rock on is completely inspired in that manner. Friends. A pregnant wife. A break up. And so on. And over the top, a competition to win for, it’s all a déjà vu. But here its hard and heavy unlike Jhankaar, a really light comedy.
But that’s not it. That’s the thing what makes this movie different. This is strictly a multiplex movie. Masses will instantly reject it. People expect DCH again, but this is not it. RO is a mature story of 4 friends, who reunites, and tries to fulfill their dream once again. Dream to win a competition, dream to get back in life-as it was.
Movie starts off, with a flashback scene of underground practice of the band ‘Magik’. And then present day. Movie swaps between present day and past smoothly. Crisp art direction and background score, makes it watchable. Though the speed is very slow, considering first half, but it’s the music, the songs, who saves the day. Audience expects speed to get faster in second half, but still its moving same pace. And by the time, it’s getting interesting. Songs are placed at place perfectly. Especially I liked Yeh tumhari meri baatein and Tum ho toh… Beautiful songs at good situations. Rock concerts are also very well filmed in whopping 4 songs. Atmosphere is created very well.
Performance wise, Prachi is good, she looks good, acts well whatever she has been given. Even Koel Puri and Luke are acting considerably well. (!!!) Purab is also good. One scene I liked very much of him, in party singing on mike. He’s awesome in that scene. Arjun Rampal as Jo is worth the role he has been given to. He justifies his role too. The debutant-Farhan as Adi, Lead singer and a chance taker. He has always a tense expression throughout the movie. OK his role is that. But I personally liked his funny side though. He acts well. Sometimes his dialogues seem just spoken out, but as a debutant, he’s good. And Sings great. Show stealer is Shahana goswami, who looks and acts as good in both roles as girlfriend of arjun and then wife too. They both make a good couple
Technically Farhan’s all movies are best. Remember DCH and Don? Don’s title song is one of the best camerawork for an indoor song. Here camerawork is so fine, you can feel being in concert. Art direction is also very good, showing Posh Urban lifestyle to down to earth middle class Christian Mumbaikar house. Styling is cool. Setting the mood for Rock.
Music of Shankar Ehsaan Loy, is always a treat. They always carry a signature tune, over the whole movie. Here it is also. This reminds guitar string of DCH movies theme. But still sets the tempo of Rock. All songs are Rocking. Editing is above average, given slow pace of the movie. But good is that, movie is flat 2:20 hours long. And its considerably good length. Only one thing was missed out, that story of the movie goes flashback of 10 years. How popular was mobiles then? Anyways, that’s just one thing.
Over all, its watchable because it has MUSIC as a theme. Which is a untraveled territory in Indian movies. Watchable because of rocking songs. And watchable for tum ho to…. Just see farhan screeching. Farhan rocks as a singer too. Wish there could be some more funny moments and less heavy clashes between couples. So it could be really better than this. But still I will go for 3 stars out of 5. Watch it, if you love music. Don’t miss it if you are a rocker.

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