Phoonk 2 : Movie Review

If you are regular on my blog, then you must be aware of my love for Horror genre. Even the much criticized Agyaat was fun for me. And recently, loved watching Shaapit. So how could I not enjoy Phoonk 2 ?

Yes, yet another horror movie from RGV's factory. This time directed by Milind Gadagkar, Phoonk 2 succeeds to scare you. A sequel to Phoonk, this part is more engaging and well made so that audience get scared. I too did not like earlier movie for its silly Tantra-Mantra and wannabe Exorcist adaptation. But this time, besides so many cliches, I liked how it shapes up on screen.

Phoonk 2 starts with the same family going on holiday somewhere near beach. A holiday house and a nearby jungle-An 'I must scare you' setup for a horror movie. And the things turn out going bad as Madhu returns to haunt them again. Setup sounds like Vastushashtra isn't it? Yes, the same setup was there in earlier product of RGV. But this time it is even more scarier.

Talking about cliches, I feel it can never be avoided. I mean just think, do you call when a couple starts singing a song - a cliche? Do you call mom-dad opposes their marriage-a cliche? Then why do critics think that shutting doors, scary toys and noise making swings are a cliche?!! Those are mere basic elements for a horror movie. And Phoonk 2 succeeds in using them so effectively that scares.

This time, camera movements are pretty less which RGV is famous for. But some new kind of scares are there too. Which makes you jump in your comfortable reclining chair. Screenplay is pretty good that holds your attention most of the time. You know what will happen next, but the way it happens, makes it more fun to watch on screen.

My only warning if you wanna watch this movie is - just forget the jokes going on about the movie around. Don't read negative reviews [say any review] before watching the movie. And keep your belief aside that only 'Hollywood can make good horror flick'. [recently I saw The Exorcist trilogy, and I'm still alive !! Yes, boring -I found them]. You will enjoy this. Enjoy being frightened.

Oops, and forgot to tell you - be prepared for Phoonk 3 !!

My Rating : 3 / 5
Fav Scenes : Climax, Jungle scenes, Toys scenes and Raksha's dream.


  1. Ramu brand movies are a strict no no for me.

    Waiting for your review of Prince. I can't watch it unless I am sure that it is worth watching.

  2. I haven't seen Phoonk, saw Agyaat which I found ok ok. Now coming to Phoonk 2, it should be an interesting watch considering your live tweets (the ones who did while watching the film) and this review :P

    But the only thing I can do for now is wait for the DVD. Can't spend time, energy and money on a horror film :D because thats the least interesting genre for me.

    And I completely buy your point about Exorcist films, they are highly over-rated. The last horror film that I liked was Paranormal Activity which is a must watch!


  3. I'm a huge wuss when it comes to horror, so there's honestly no way I can make myself sit through this. Ram Gopal Varma seems to have really found several niches for himself, hasn't he?

  4. Shantanu
    Oh, man, I think I've missed Prince. Will try to watch it though. Vivek is a favorite. Thanks for stopping by

    Bikram Singh Bathh
    Wait for DVD but hope you have nice speakers around you. This is all about the technical things on screen. And as you know - Ramu's background score is always interesting.

    Yes, Exorcist were mere wastage of time for me. Sometimes it 'blah blah'ed so much that I had to use 'fwd' button, which i rarely do while watching a movie for the first time. Paranormal Activity - i have heard so much about. lets see...

    You are in tBF's league then. I just enjoy horror movies. Love to get frightened.
    Talking about Ramu, yes he is in his own circle right now where he has his standard set of storylines. Hope he would come out some day and will create another 'Rangeela'.

  5. I want to see this!!! I haven't even seen the first part

  6. Phoonk 2 was one of the worst movie i have ever watched. from my side i will give it 0.5/5 star.


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