Beera Beera [Raavan] : Lyrics

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....and it's here. Most anticipated music score of the year- by none other than- God - A R Rahman.

So far the first promo itself gave a hint that music of Raavan has earthy touch to it. And by listening to all song previews-its sure that its the same.

'Beera Beera' the very first song itself is so catchy that it can't get out of my mind. Here are the lyrics  [by Gulzar saab] of the same. Sung by Vijay Prakash, Mustafa Kutoane and Keerthi Sargathia [Yay !! Gujju !!] the song has 'LARGE CANVAS' feel to it. Well, with Mani Sir, that's assured always.

Beera beera beera beera
Beera beera beera beera

Beera ke das maathe, beera ke sau naam
Chhede jo beera ko...
Dhana dhan dham dham...

Beera beera beera beera

Arre Beera uthti aandhi,
Beera ek toofan
Saans mein ugle agni
Beera jalti jaan jalti jaan jalti jaan

Janm na poocho jaat na pucho
Pucho jo pehchaan
Beera ka abhimaan hai abhimaan hai... Beera.

Beera beera beera
dhana dhan dham dham...

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  1. arrismylife07:19

    i love this song so much!

  2. ohhhh

    nice 1 but wen d nem comes GULZAR SAAB,d taste get off..
    gulzar saab must aware with his words..
    aapki kalam ne kafi nayab nazmo ko izad kiya hai...
    or hum aage v usi ki ummid karte hai...

  3. Anonymous17:53

    a different and refreshing song after tooo long

  4. Anonymous13:10

    how many times is "Beera" used in this song?
    its hilarious...
    most ridiculous song ever...

  5. Anonymous04:53

    What does it translate as in English?

    (What language is it in?)

  6. Its in Hindi. Beera means brave guy.


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