Happy : When Allu Arjun & Genelia made 'us' Happy !

Yes, you have read that right. 'Us' is the word now. After all, I have got married in recent past, so 'she' is also being a partner in my movie watching spree. As Bommarillu was my first Telugu movie, I insisted that she should watch Happy with me. And by Nicki's review, I knew it will going to be an enjoyable watch. And indeed it was.

Happy is an absolutely colorful movie. And with Genelia as lead actress, I can fall for it instantly. No doubt about it. Being first movie of Allu Arjun, I was curious why he has a great fan following. And now I know why. He has great dancing skills, fantastic comic timing and nice acting skills. Though sometimes I felt he was going little bit OTT, [like in climax] but maybe its just because I am new to Southies.

Ooh, and Genelia !!! Haaye!! I can never go tired of watching her on screen. Though she was quite calm in this one, but in second half, she was at it again. Bubbly as always she is. In serious moments she shines too. More and more movies of her I must see now. :)

Directed by A. Karunakaran, movie is almost flawless. There is hardly any place where movie lacks its grip over screenplay. One by one the twists and turns take place and making movie more interesting as it progresses. What was more surprising to me was the humor. Its absolutely funny throughout. Even serious actor like Manoj Bajpai made me laugh. Equally, romance is so cute in the movie. Loved mushy moments between both Bunny and Madhumita. Only glitch in the movie are its Political moments. I never find politics interesting. Not in movies too. So for me, it was boring part of the movie. But thank God, there were pretty less moments.

Song and dance are always a highlight of Southie movies. Besides language barrier, I found all songs interesting. Add fabulous dancing of Allu Arjun in it, pretty enjoyable the songs are. The songs I liked most were, Ossa Ossa - mad mad fun. And I hate You had cute moments innit. While title song Happy, reminded me of my bachelorhood days. :) Wonderful vocals of Shankar Mahadevan made me fall for Nee Kosam.

All in all, the movie is lovable. Enjoyable one with all elements of masala in it. We both had great fun watching this one. Looking forward to more such movies :)


  1. Glad you and biwi enjoyed the film :)

    What charmed that hottie Allu Arjun has, huh? Okay, okay, Genelia is good too. I adore her!

    The whole film was entertaining and fun. If they could only do without the last 15 minutes, then it would be even better but I'm so biase against this film it's it's one of my all-time favorites!

  2. Nice to see your review on this one. It's such a completely silly and funny film. Isn't "Ossa Ossa" great? I still remember the little rubber legs move Arjun does- ha! :)

  3. Nicki
    Credit goes to you Nicki :)

    Oh yes, Allu was charming. [biwi said-why all southies are so cute? - referring to Allu and Siddharth :) ]

    Yes, besides climax its all fun. Lets see if i see any better movie than this. Otherwise its my one of the fav southie so far

    Silly and Funny- yes, that's the expression I got too.
    Ossa Ossa is absolutely fun. I too had started singing that even before the song ended. And awesome dancer Allu is !

  4. Glad you liked the film. It's one of my favourites and also one of the initial film's I watched in Telugu cinema.

    Totally agree that Arjun's comic timing is amazing!! You should watch him in Aarya 2 - its an odd film but he totally shines and you get to see him as more than just a dancer because he truly acts in that film.

    Genelia is so amazing with her expression but I feel I can't truly say she's a great actress because she doesn't dub herself and without dialogue delivery there can be no acting. Her dialogues delivery in Jaane Tu wasn't all that amazing and i think its mainly because she has never practiced as they always dub her. Wish they changes in the future.

    Although one film of Genelia's that I would strongly recommend if you haven't seen it is "Mr Medhavi' :)

  5. Prathna Tiwari

    True about Allu there. There wasn't any dull moment whenever he was on screen. Ah,, that's new for me. She doesn't dub, still? I heard abt that in Bommarillu, but if she doesn't dub then its a concern yaar. But still, love her :)

    Btw, Mr Medhavi is in queue thx to Nicki who sent me dvds.

  6. Happy is indeed one of the sweetest movies that I have seen in telugu cinema. Totally agree that Allu sometimes went overboard but he's bettering himself with every successive movie (you should watch PARUGU). Seen Happy a dozen times and never tire of it

  7. Hi Prateeksha
    Thanks for stopping by and comment. Yes, the movie is so sweet. Cute moments are there. I 'm curious about Parugu as I have heard much of it.

  8. Anonymous18:29

    i must confess one thing.me,a southie guy,have watched a lot of hindi films n suddlenly stopped watching.the reason is i felt that why should i watch other languages when they dont watch ours.but now i feel that there r broadminded people everywhere n i feel bad that i felt in such a mean way.i will suggest some telugu n tamil movies.
    KICK heard that its being remade into hindi with salman
    KUSHI,TOLIPREMA(both starring pawan kalyan)
    ATHADU(mahesh babu at his best).

    ANNIYAN(excellent movie shankar at his best)
    VETTILYADU VELAYADU(kamal hasan)..........


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