Badmaash Company : Music Review

Ayyashi sung by ever dependable KK is extremely Catchy. With the word Ayyashi pronounced in tune as A.Y.A.S.H.I. it easily gets stuck in your head. A Fun track. And next is more fun. Jingle Jingle by Mohit Chauhan starts with nice guitar riff. And surprise punjabi chorus makes it more fun. Lyrics by Anvita Dutt Guptan is really enjoyable.

Chaska Chaska reminds me of Aim Lagaa from Striker, for similar sounding words. Krishna sings this foot tapping song about gambling. If you have Pritam as composer, there must be a song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. It has became quite regular. And makes me cringe sometime. But for this movie, a quite different track Rahat has got to sing. Rock based Fakeera has fabulous pace and Electric guitar sound.

Concluding the album, a James_Bond'ish' title track is another nice one from the lot. Badmaash Company by Benny Dayal must has been used as background score in the movie as it sounds so.

All songs make me watch the movie. Cause all and all 'male' fun outing it seems. And with Shahid, Meiyang Chang and Vir Das it must be a riot. [not looking forward to Anushka-at all ] Only disappointment with this album is - not a single song sung by Meiyang Chang :( How can Pritam let go his talent yaar!!

Waiting for the movie. Lets see, if Yashraj can come out of his Punjab fields.


  1. Darn it! You beat me to it! I was going to post a review of this album yesterday, hoping to be the first but you got there before me, but its ok...

    I agree Meiyang should have sung one, he was singing Jingle Jingle in the Zoom interview they gave and it sounded really good!

    Why aren't you looking forward to Anuskha being in it? Any particular reason? It does look like a really fun film and the picturisation of the songs just add to the fun, lol at your last line hehe

  2. Anonymous00:30

    Great songs 4.5/5
    Anushka's hot.

  3. MsBlogger
    Have u posted your review yet?
    Yes, Meiyang has awesome voice. I missed his interview though. Must search in web.

    Actually I think Anushka is cute and doesn't fit in this happening avatar. Really, i m waiting for movie cause it looks so fun.

    Thanks for stopping by. Indeed the OST is fun.

  4. Anonymous17:30

    shahid kapoor z lukin awesome though sonam kapoor shod 've been d leading actress and srk ,d king khan shod 've been d leading actor


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