Call Me Rashid : Music (album) Review

As I assumed, guitarist Rashid Ali's album is (of course) Guitar heavy. Lovely strings in most of the tracks. Album starts off with Faraaz's classic Jin ke dum se- originally composed by Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, with refreshed arrangement by Rashid, sounds engaging. Though it seems Rashid's accented prounounciations works against him, but later on, repeated listens made me love the track because of that. Except this one (and Ayrilik) all the tracks are composed by Rashid Ali and penned by Raqueeb Alam. Next Parda Parda has that Turkish flavor and addictive beats. Raqueeb's words does the trick. Totally addictive one. Lyrics are highlight here. If you are attending an audio production school and focusing on music, you should remember how important lyrics can be to the overall feel of a song.

Starting off with Bangladeshi singer Faria Chaudhary, Ayrilik (means Seperation) is a haunting folk song from Azerbaijan. With addition of Urdu lyrics to the original, and 'Rahman'isq arrangements the track sucks you into it easily. While Saahil Hai Kinara is has that lazy, cozy feel into it. An old time pop ballad stuff, made special by strings and vocals of Rashid. Lovely lilting tune.  That repeats as an Instrumental reprise too. Reminds his similar works from films. Next Soch Zara has an uplifting tune, this is I feel, is the weakest one from the album. Or may be, I will like it on more listens, its just that by the time I reach this track, I have already listened much of Rashid's voice. (The standard problem of a solo album).

Another guitar led track that comes in two versions - Something on Your Mind and Sookhi Nadi. Former is in English, penned by Rashid, later one is in Hindi/Urdu.  Wonderful vocals in both the tracks. What arrangements in both ! Zarra Zarra is the one I haven't listened as much as other tracks. May be its the unlimited loops of same phrase in the beginning of track that made me skip. Have listened similar tune somewhere (by Rahman), may be, don't know. 

The album has three instrumental tracks too. Baila - as the name suggests, is based on Baila genre. Perfect Latino sound with almost non-stop strings. While mentioned earlier, lovely Saahil Hai Kinara Hai has instrumental version too. While the third one, Tears of Joy has traces of Soch Zaraa, in slower tempo that sounds good over the original track. And lastly, we have this 'remix' version of Kabhi Kabhi Aditi. A shorter one, with minimal arrangements, I am in love with this charming song, all over again. 

Thanks to A R Rahman, who gave platform for such a fantastic album. All the tracks has that international quality, fantastic arrangements and quality stuff. I am not surprised if Rashid Ali  comes up with a full fledged movie score. But I will be pleased if he continues to shine in Indipop scene that is getting revived these days. 

My Favorites : Parda Parda, Saahil Hai Kinara, Jin ke Dum se, Ayirilik

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  1. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the time you took to listen to and analyse this album. My aim along with the valuable suggestions of A R was to bring a unique blend of music , new to people's ears.


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