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Vidya does it again. Yes, she is the star of the show all over again. But this time, she's not alone - a powerful, strong and riveting narration that boasts of a killer touch by Sujoy Ghosh - accompanies Kahaani to make a masterful work. Hats off to the writing team Sujoy, Suresh Nair and Advaita. Another star of the movie is Kolkota. Never have I seen such detailed, such dedicated frames for the city of joy. Colorful, crowded, alive and mysterious - Kolkota drives the movie when no one else is there to do so.

All of you know the storyline - pregnant Vidya Bagchi comes Kolkota to find her missing husband only to find twists, tales and surprises on her journey. Vidya shines through out her role as a lady who often is determined, often broken and often charming. She changes color so smoothly and so perfectly, it surprises the viewer like anything else. Its always a delight to see her on silver screen. Oh, and did I mention her little little moments on the screen when she interacts with children - lovely.

Rana - the police officer who helps Vidya on her quest - played by Parambrata Chaterjee - is a find for Hindi films. He charms you with his act that often is endearing and mostly perfect to the core. Actually, the characterization is so perfect that it is hard to forget just any face we see through out the movie. Be it the (scary) Contract killer, charming little kid in the guest house - Vishnu, the IB guys, IB head and even the five minutes appearance of Chaiwallah ladka. Nawazzuddin Sheikh perfects his part of an IB agent bound by duty.

I knew there will hardly be any songs in this out and out thriller. But still, Vishal Shekhar's score totally complements the spirit of the movie. Even though there are only bits used in the movie. On the other hand, background score is by Clinton Cerejo !! He totally makes it a goosebumpy affair with his dark tunes. Superb work. And Oh My God the climax - the sounds of Durga Puja - makes it more intense.

See, how gibberish my review is - it happens, when a movie occupies my mind so much that its hard to put the words together. Phew.. do not - DO NOT miss this 'Mother of a Story' - Kahaani. Hats off Sujoy Babu.

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  1. Bharath23:42

    Hello All,

    I am very happy to comment here. This film is by far the best movie I have seen coming from Bollywood, and other woods for a very very long time. The director captures small details I see missing in main stream commercial Indian movies, For example: When Vidya turns on the switches, its pitch black, quickly the room is lit, when she opens the window, there is dust, she even cleans the hanger set and tidies the bed. Running hot water is very cool...and the Vidya's constant poking of V and B in Bengali, that contract Killer, A LIC agent, LOL, that was cool. Parambrata Chattopadhyay is definitely a new find. From the land that gave satyajit roy and other accomplished cinema giants, I am profoundly happy to see that the Bengali Cinema is in good hands and perhaps would work its ways to the main commercial movies and clean the mess there. Thanks a lot in making me believe that there is a movie worth watching and more importantly talk about the story. Well done guys!


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