Agent Vinod : Music Review

Its always an easy task to review Pritam's albums. 2 dance tracks, 4 remixes, a love ballad - 2 unplugged, 2 reprises and you are done. But its not that I am complaining. Most of the time he hits the right chords. And that too, inline with the movie. Agent Vinod is again such an example. 

For this fast paced action thriller - Pritam gives equally fast instrumental track. Agent Vinod Theme Obviously has that 'heard it somewhere' feel, but still, it has that 'play it loud' thing in it. Perfect for setting up mood for the movie. The 'Russian' song I'll do the talking tonight - is again a perfect for the movie. But I seriously wish if it had someone else than Neeraj Shridhar, and puhleez, get rid of Punjabi lyrics. Its the composition that makes it a killer track. Pungi is addictive from very first 15 seconds. A standard Mika song, with fun and pun. Lyrics of Amitabh are outrageous. The backing vocals by Amitabh, Nakash, Pritam and Javed Jaffery makes it more enjoyable. Dil Mera Muft ka - the Techno mujra and Desi remix version, both are different, both has their own plus points in terms of vocals and compositions. Former is a modern mix while later one is more of a 'munni' mix. Techno version has fab chorus singing in its favor. My favorite is Nandini's version. The Techno one. 

Raabta - meaning 'unknown connection'. The word perfectly suits between Pritam and his love for multi-version ballads. He never goes wrong with such mushy songs, and again he never fails but give multiple versions. Raabta - first one sung by Arijit Singh [remember Fame Gurukul on Sony?] and Joy, is reminiscent of Te Amo at places. But after repeated listens, it turned out to be my favorite among all 4 versions. The 'Night in the motel' version sung by Arijit and Aditi Singh Sharma is a piano led one, lovely rendition by both there. Even 'the' Shreya's version (Kehte hai khuda ne) pales in front of it that sounds much like a typical love song. While Siyaah Raatein - by Hamsika and Arijit+Joy, with lovely strings and different interlude pieces. Loved it. 

There, for one of the most awaited film of 2012 - Pritam perfects his part. Now over to Sriram Raghvan. Lets see what he has in store for us. 

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  1. I cant wait to watch this movie.. Pungi ;) is awesome.

  2. Right now just listening and dancing on one song - 'Pungi'
    Pritam - Love you man.

  3. how can they show pakistan and lashkar group innocent and some business tycoons responsible for all the violence and bom blasts in India. Is the movie trying to please some minorities and countries like pak ,ksa etc ..


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