Not a Love story [2011]

Ram Gopal Verma.

oh, don't stop reading this review. I know he has lost his mojo long back. But this movie shows that he still has it, somewhere in the corner. Based on gruesome murder case of Neeraj Grover, Not A Love Story does not dissect but just depict the incident. Yes, that makes it a weaker movie going by standards of Ramu's past works. But still, the movie holds your attention with its true to life execution. But with a warning - not for the one who don't like the blood and gore on the screen.

Its the lead who makes us glued to the screen. Mahie Gill and Deepak Dobriyal. And the third star is Sandeep Chowta's BG score - back to Ramu after a long time. The only annoying thing was the camera work, what Ramu is known for. And this time he totally goes overboard with it. At many places it feels that the film is shot by an amateur with a handy cam. The shaky movements completely leads to headache. But we are saved by performances - Mahie is excellent as scared girl whose dreams get shattered by the wrong deed by his friend. While Deepak as a short tempered boyfriend of her, who speaks less but acts with silent expressions, is first rate.

But where was this movie heading to ? That is par my understanding. It just depicts the incidents. And that's it. The end is an open one Leaving it over to the audience. Well, a Ram Gopal Verma Film, after all.

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