Don 2 (2011)

Well, I'm a fan of the first Don - the SRK one. And I dislike the original. Yes, that's me. And that made me expect wonders in the second part. But, was a bit disappointed when the music was out. But still, had my hopes on Farhan's direction, and he lived them up. In a good way though, not in a great way.

The one I watched was a 3D one. So the awesomeness of sleek action sequences and fantastic choreography of title song are already there. But somehow, I felt the story did not have that much potential to run a full fledged movie. It lacked the involvement of the viewer. It lost the grip may times. And seemed a collection of sleek action scenes put together to fill up the loopholes in screenplay. But putting the thinking cap aside, if one want to go and enjoy the bad bad SRK, this is quite a ride. SRK does what he is best at - showing off the attitude. The bad ass attitude. Priyanka is again, chasing him as much as she can. But this time there is a different story that develops towards the end. Kunal Kapoor - I felt he should have got more screen time. Om Puri is sleepwalking throughout the movie. What is he doing man? And Boman, well, must say he will be menacing in the third part.

As always, the film ends with a twist. And as always, its absolutely surprising. No doubt there will be a third installment in this series - but Farhan, please take care of the writing department next time.


  1. Now now now....aren't you being too lenient? or is that coz you're an SRK fan? I guess so... the film bored to the t.
    here's what i thought -

    I'm so not waiting for don 3

    1. Oh, no, i m not THAT big fan of SRK. But yes, give me technical brilliance on screen, i may forget loopholes on screen :)


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