100% Love (2011)

Was keen on watching this Telugu movie after hearing praise from fellow twitter friends. Also, I had heard much about how 'good' Tamanna is, and Naga Chaitanya whom I already liked in his short appearance in VTV. So, there finally I watched 100% Love and totally loved it.

100% Love is story of Balu [Naga], who always stands first in his college. Enter Mahalakshmi [Tamanna], his distant relative from village, who stays in his house to study in city college. How both compete with each other in studies and later help each other through further issues they face, that's a treat to watch. After a misunderstanding, the two separates - only to meet again after three years, to create yet another round of charming moments.

The movie takes itself so lightly that it doesn't burden the viewer with extra emotions or heavy moments. Sparks of funny moments are always there. First half where both the leads are young, college students - has utterly charming moments. And while in second half, they are a bit mature but fun is still there. Personal favorite is the Raj-Senorita track. [yes, Shahrukh-Kajol one ;)]

Music of Devi Sri Prasad is peppy, catchy and instantly likeable. I already loved all the songs before watching the movie, especially Dhooram Dhooram and That is Mahalakshmi, but after watching the movie, the song I loved the most on screen was Diyalo Diyala, which I least liked when heard as an audio track. Its a kinda wedding song cum item song. A riot of colors and fun lyrics.

Out and out entertaining, young and lovely movie 100% Love is. No doubt Bollywood is fighting over getting its remake rights.

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  1. Glad you liked it! I wasn't convinced by the promos for it, but after watching I couldn't help liking it so much :) Despite the fact that Tamanna copies Kareena :P:P

    1. Aha. That was Kareena. I was wondering why she looks too familiar? ;)
      btw, who was that item girl? Meghna Naidu?

    2. Yeah, it was Meghna Naidu and also a girl called Mariyam.


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