Blood Money : Music Review

Why there isn't a genre called 'Bhatts', for soundtracks ? One can easily identify if the song that is being played is from Bhatt camp's movie. Blood Money is one such album. [and, no, not a complaint there, complement - yes].

Chaahat by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has that old world charm and Sayeed Qadri's mushy words makes it instantly likable. Similarly Gunaah & Jo Tere Sang by Mustafa Zahid makes a perfect mark from first listen itself. Teri Yaadon se 's rock sounds are tried and tested, sounds bland. Arzoo, a 'hindi' track by Clinton Cerejo, sounds totally out of the league, has traces of songs of movie Jashnn. Last one, Gunaah-Unplugged version by Rana Mazumdar, is a smooth, soft variation of the faster former version. Nice. 

Overall, an 'all male' OST again, a Bhat affair of course. 

My Picks :  Jo Tere Sang & Chaahat

Oh, and I just came to know that all three songs I liked [Jo tere sang, chaahat and Gunaah], are actually from Jeet's past works in Bengali. Thanks to Milliblog.

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  1. Anonymous23:41

    rahul-boss!every songs have a different story
    chahat-tu meri has bas
    jo tere sang-missing u shona
    teri yaadon se-ego problem
    gunaah-regret songs

  2. nice blog dear

    please visit and link this one too

  3. Well before rating the movie i would like to rate the person who gave three star..I believe he should check himself to a doctor if he gave three star independently..and without any interference of editor or from maker.

  4. Anonymous06:57

    i love all the song of this film. and 1 of the ma favorite song is gunaah


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