Saheb Biwi aur Gangster (2011)

There are a few movies each year, that makes me go "man, why and how did I miss this movie when it was in theaters??" For 2011, it is Tigmanshu Dhulia's Saheb Biwi aur Gangster. Such a gritty, powerful tale that kept me hooked throughout its running time.

SBAG is story of Aditya Pratap Singh - Saheb [Jimmy Shergill] who lives in ancestral royal house trying to maintain the status his ancestors had left behind. Biwi - Madhavi [Mahie Gill] is suffering from her past [that is not described] that a certain name frights her and lose self control, who by circumstances meets Gangster - Babloo [Randeep Hooda] who is actually sent by rivals of Saheb, but employed as her driver. The story of betrayal, passion, status and politics starts then.

The movie packs in absolutely powerful performances. Jimmy Shergill has his one of the best performances in this one. The role of Saheb seems tailor-made for him. As he shines throughout. Similarly Mahie and Randeep doesn't left behind in giving striking acts. Mahie shows her negative shades too smoothly that one can get bowled over. And Randeep, the mysterious gangster shines in his part.

Besides the performances, another strength of the movie is its execution. Shot at remote places of Gujarat, it absorbs you completely inside the story. You can feel the eery silence in scenes of jungles. You can feel the tension during the conspiratorial scenes. You can feel the loneliness of the only ruler trying everything to get his status. Full marks to director Dhulia and Aseem Mishra, the cinematographer.

It is tough to accommodate music in a gritty tale like this. But its done here without ruining the flow. SBAG being my one of the top 10 favorite albums of 2011, I was keen to watch the execution on screen, which is just perfect. Favorites - Main Ek Bhanwara, Raat Mujhe and Chu Chu Chu.

Its a must watch. And watch it ASAP otherwise the sequel will be out, and you'll be clueless then.

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  1. I have to watch this film, everybody just loved it, didn't they?

    1. Oh yes. Everyone did love it. Do let us know when u watch it.


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