Damadamm (2011)

Now you'll say, "abbey yaar, whats up with this guy? There seems no movie that he watched and disliked."

Even I think so. That why it rarely happens that I watch a movie and dislike it. Maybe because I do stay away from watching the movies that I feel I would dislike it. And most of the times, my gut feeling proves right. When I saw first promos of Damadamm, I thought this will not be something great, but not bad either. And exactly it is. [though I know, Himesh is counted as one of my Guilty Pleasures] its a pretty small film, that you can even count it as a tele-serial's special episode. ;) Obviously, coz it is directed by tele serial woman - Swapna Waghmare Joshi.

Damadamm tells story of Sameer [Himesh] and Shikha [Purbi Joshi] who works together and live their life together without marrying each other. Shikha is nagging and possessive most of the time when it comes to Sameer talking to other girls or even look at them. Tortured by this, when Sameer finds some time alone as Shikha goes to her hometown, he enjoys alone - bachelor life. That also takes him to befriended with Sanjana [Sonal Sehgal], sister of his boss. What happens when Shikha finds out this, and how the relations test the couple is the rest story.

Himesh, here, is not a big pop star nor a happening RJ but just a normal 'man next door' [boy next door is not suitable no?]. And I think this is most suitable role for him. And he plays the part very well. Yes, I know there are annoying moments while he tries to be cool in parties, but still its bearable. Given right placement of scenes and proper script, everything falls in right place. Purbi Joshi - is perfect as a over possessive yet caring person. Sonal too does her job perfectly - look good and act in a few scenes when required.

The movie thankfully is well edited because a subject like this - love, breakup etc. is a pain to watch in prolonged screen time [remember KANK?] and that works in favor of the film. Music - oh well, one of my top 10 favorite soundtracks of 2011. [now, this reminds me how I have not seen many movies when they were released, and they are in my top 10 OST list !]. Even those annoying tracks - I need my space and Mango - looked suitable when used in the movie.

First thing you need to do before watching this movie - throw off Himesh hatred. And just have fun - don't dissect what's going on screen. You'll surely have a nice time. Oh, and how can you miss Madhushala and Umrao Jaan ????

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