Ekk Deewana Tha : Movie Review

To watch Ek Deewana Tha, I had to put in lot of effort. Effort to forget Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya [its Tamil Original], effort of not going into the comparisons, effort - do not believe any of the reviews that are out. And finally, I was there. Watching Gautham Menon's third version of the same story. Ekk Deewana Tha. Initially, I was annoyed with Pratiek speaking pretty 'normal' lines in the promos of the film. But after a few minutes in to the movie, I realized that this is a different one. Different setup, age group of the leads. Then I decided not to go into comparisons and watch it afresh.

First half is full of light moments where Sachin is trying to woo Jessie. With help of friend, cameraman Manu Rishi-who provides comic releif by his one liners. Pratiek does perfect his part of nervous, boy-next-door, who falls-literally-by each glance of Jessie. Jessie-Amy Jackson on the other hand, looks lovely-sans the odd makeup in many frames. (why so? why spot fake tan if you want to show a Malayalee girl?]. I was keen to find out what does the Hindi Cinema audience feels about this southie sotry. Delighted, that (at least in a show where I was) the audience was quite carried away by spoofy act of Pratiek and 'Jessie's Nakhras'.

The second half must have been a challenge for the director to put up an intense lineup of scenes (and I could see the audience was getting 'its stretched' feel while the sotry moved to 'un-necessary dragged ten minutes towards the end). What works well with the lead pair, even in second half, that its a fresh pairing. We have hardly seen Pratiek in mushy moments. So, the freshness, makes the chemistry work. Though, again, Pratiek, has problems in intense moments- where he ends up looking amateur. SOmething's missing - the madness, hopelessness of a deewana. But such moments are thankfully, a few. The Park Scene, which was the biggest challenge for both the actors, goes surprisingly good. (infront of Taj Mahal, this time). Talking about Amy, her language problem is a glitch. Though she is dubbed by Chinmayee, she doesn't even care to move her lips why synching the dialogues. (Ah well, we had Rockstar too, no?)

Menon, has transformed the epic tell, in a lighter version, a Mumbaiyya touch, with quiet ease. Keeping everything intact - the camera angles, dialogues and even costumes. No issues with his direction. Neither with Prabhu's fabulous cinematography. Even the songs, which was my biggest 'panga' with EDT, looked good when on screen. The new track, Mohabbat is fitted at apt place. And ah, the background score... (May be its just me, mad about VTV, who was watching this, say listening it, on a big screen for the first time, so - thats just me).

So there, Ekk Deewana Tha works. Not an epic like its original, but as a nice, refreshing Hindi romance with wonderful score - it definitely works.

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