Ekla Cholo Re (Kahaani) Lyrics and Meaning

I got overwhelmed when heard the first line itself. Crooned by Amitabh Bachchan, this Rabindranath Tagore song moved me even today. Previously Rahman had made his own version in his album Jaya He [2009]. Sung by Sonu Nigam. But that track just used the main phrase, and other lines were in Hindi, that was inspired by the poem. But here, the song  is used as it is, in Bengoli language. And second para is translated in Hindi. Here are the lyrics and meaning [thanks Wikipedia for being there, always]

Jodi tor đak shune keu na ashe tôbe êkla chôlo re,
Êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo re.
Jodi keu kôtha na kôe, ore ore o ôbhaga,
Jodi shôbai thake mukh firaee shôbai kôre bhôe-
Tôbe pôran khule
O tui mukh fuţe tor moner kôtha êkla bôlo re.

If they answer not to thy call walk alone,
If they are afraid and cower mutely facing the wall,
O thou unlucky one,
open thy mind and speak out alone.

Jab kaali ghata chhaye, ore ore o
Andhera sach ko nigal jaaye,
Jab duniya saari darr ke aage sar apna jhukaye
Tu shola ban jaa, jo khud jal ke jahaan roshan kar de.. 

When you face storms of troubles,
Darkness overpowers the truth,
When the world bows to the fear,
Be the fire that lights up the darkened world while burning itself.

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  1. Anonymous01:27

    One minor correction - The version of Ekla Chalo Re" composed by A.R. Rahman and sung by Sonu Nigam that you've mentioned above was originally from soundtrack of the movie "Bose: The Forgotten Hero" [2005] - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0349878/

  2. Anonymous17:24

    suh a touching song..cant stop listening..extremely superb !!

  3. listen this song for 2 hours continuesly but still want to listen more..
    Sir Rabindranath Tagor +Amitab Bachaan (deadly combination).
    legents will always be legents ..
    This song bring sir R.B again and allow new generation to know him great work Done ..
    neeraj prasad ..

  4. heart touching.....and very inspiring.....

  5. These words create magic ....
    and give peace of mind when listen..

  6. Anonymous22:13

    An excellent song when you are depressed to get cheer up..

    1. Anonymous22:57

      really dear it cheers up

  7. very much inspiring and hard touching ..

  8. It moved me to tears. Suddenly one feels ekla in this harsh world.

  9. Anonymous00:43

    I second that...was moved beyond words when i heard the first line and the first rhythm....the only word for this song is beautiful....listening to it over and over again and mesmerized
    still...Thanks for the translation...

  10. Anonymous18:15

    Soul Inspiring & Well Sung..... Tagore & Bachchan truly makes a heck of pair......the best is even music is awesome.

  11. Anonymous22:33

    I loved this song .. Salute Tagore uncle.
    Nice voice of amitabh bacchan sir ...

  12. Gabbarkamanus14:46

    Aftr 100 yrs these words r still making magic

  13. Anonymous15:56


  14. Anonymous10:33

    Wow! <3

  15. smriti17:54

    i loved this song.it is so much inspirational.

  16. smriti19:29

    wow........ Sooooo....nice

  17. i'm a urdu speaking muslim and i dont understand its lyrics but i still love this song

  18. i really like this song although i m a hindi speaking man

  19. Anonymous18:00

    even i am a hindi speaking person however i understood much of its meaning when i first heard it.

  20. true....meditation....blissful...enchanting ...and peaceful

  21. Anonymous17:52

    awsome yery touching

  22. Had tears in my eyes when I heard it........gave me strength to face a very tough phase of my life

  23. Had tears in my eyes when I heard it........gave me strength to face a very tough phase of my life


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