Bol (2011)

Another movie that I missed watching in theater in 2011. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, who shook us with Khuda Kay Liye. Bol, is all the way a Shoaib film that is paced leisurely, revealing dark secrets of the society and ends on a high note shaking typical beliefs.

Bol starts with Zainab [Humaima Malik] who is counting hours before getting hanged at jail. Who, by request of Mustafa [Atif Aslam] agrees to tell her story to media, as a last wish before she dies. Her life story, how she had to commit this crime that led her to this stage. Bol talks about serious issues that are still there in all countries, not alone in Pakistan. Its about treatment the Women are getting. The desire to have a Son, the hatred towards girl child, domestic violence and doing unethical things in the name of religion.

Initially I was keen on seeing Atif in a film. [yes, a big fan I am]. But in the movie, I felt that there was not enough space for him that can show his acting skills. [or maybe that is the reason, he was taken in for this role]. The movie belongs to Humaima, the main protagonist. Who drives the movie. Manzar Sehbai who plays father of Zainab, and her six sisters, is a one whom you'll really dislike. That means he has played his part perfectly. Amr Kashmiri, who plays Saifi - the only brother of seven sisters- is commendable. Though the movie has got its moments that shocks you with stark reality, it loses grip midway. The pace becomes too slow that it feels dragged. But it is saved by special appearance of Iman Ali - a Meena Kumari devotee. Music - one of my top 10 favorites of 2011. Lovely Hona Tha Pyar, to haunting Din Pareshan Hai, to peppy Dil Janiya. The soundtrack is a treat on screen too.

Full marks to Shoaib Mansoor, for choosing such daring subjects for his films. But yes, hope that he won't get typecast and will give something different, yet apt, next time.

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