Agent Vinod : Movie Review

The moment it started to play a hindi song in RUssian night club, I knew it - this is not going to be a 'Sriram Raghvan' affair. And it certainly isn't. Agent Vinod is part narccisist and more a stretched film that could've been far better if the writer-director-producer had not planned it as a 'class-mass' mish-mash. I was expecting much more from the guy who made the epic called Johnny Gaddar. But, ah, well.  

The movie starts off well, but the build-up is too slow to keep the viewer hooked. Those quirky one liners (the one which I was waiting for) are too less. I expected more of them cause Saif is master at it. Lack of those light moments, makes the audience feel that the pace is lagging. I was literally checking time, why there is still no interval. No doubt there are few clever sequences but too less to talk about. And there are also, scenes that could have been really interesting if edited well, but the editing department seems a bit lazy in this movie. (I mean, come on, a 2 hours 40 minutes length for a Thriller ??!!)

Production values are sleek full marks to that. Camera takes us on a trip around the world every now and then, but same thing proves a story killing device when most of the audience fails to catch track in rather loosely tied story. Talking about performances - Saif is good as the 'agent' with sense of humour, sharp moves and manages to always look good. But I feel he is underused (or may be too busy with production?) or may be not well written. Similarly Kareena looks lost in most of the frames, well, I know that is quite much into the character, but I mean come on - at one point she is assisting a goon and at the other point she is being 'saved' by and running for a cover behind Vinod. How these things can go hand in hand?  Except Ravi Kissan, Adil Hussain and Ram Kapoor the supporting cast does not leave much impact. (I think stretching up Ravi Kissan's role could've been a better idea)

Talking about songs, there are only a few. Even the Pungi is in the rolling credits. The only one that is aptly used is Raabta - Night in a motel. Superbly picturised in an action sequence. But the most interesting sound through out the movie is its background score. Daniel George uses fabulous pieces of music throughout the movie with feel of the location where the sequence is based in. Technically, the film is rich but the sequences are not choreogrphed seamlessly that leaves viewer craving for more. 

This took too long to come out, and it was guranteed that Sriram will rock it, but it turns out to be a disappointment. It doesn't even entertain at full, as it should - forget thrill. 

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  1. I agree. It's not the slick, quirked out spy thriller it could've been but not particularly bad either. Watchable. Read my review here -

  2. its not that good.. lacks even pace.. tried to make movies like MI, Bond, Bourne.. But couldnt get the hold of it well.. Even though people have accepted since it was one of the most awaited...

  3. saw the movie yesterday night, poor copy of Sunny Deol Starrer "HERO luv story of a spy", should watch in on TV after a month


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