No One Killed Jessica : Movie Review

Light spoiler :  There is a scene in the movie, where Vidya goes to the socialite - Mallika [in real life -Bina Ramani] asking for her help.  Mallika is having a pastry, smoothly lies about what did she saw at the party. Spoiler ends 

This and such scenes from NOKJ are one tight slap on our 'so called' high-profile society. Such shocking revelations comes in front of us through this movie. Though we all know how this happened, each event is known to us. And that was the tough call for Rajkumar Gupta. To portray an already known, already 'in people's mind' case, on big screen.

The movie starts off really well and succeds to hold attention of viewers. You can feel the tension in the atmosphere, and pulse going high during courtroom drama and the club scene. But after intermission, somewhat lag is there in the pace. Maybe it was so because we have already been spoilt by the best in that genre - Rang De Basanti. But still, its the performance of leading ladies and dialogues that does not make it loose the hold. Neil Bhoopalam as the prime witness Vikram Jaisingh [in real life-Shayan Munshi] is really good. While Rajesh Sharma, is excellent as the investigating officer. 

There is something about the city of Delhi. Whenever a movie is based in it, Delhi itself becomes a vital part. In NOKJ, you know its going to be awesome when the movie starts of with the 'dilli dilli' song, and few shots about 'Power of Dilli'. So is the power of women. Vidya's character 'Sabrina' is somewhat dull and lack of fire in her. But that is understood when one go through such trauma. While Rani sweeps away with her fire brand jurno role. Still, I can't say 'she's back' because movies like this, are not made frequently. 

Amit Trivedi's score is well integrated in the film. Especially 'Yeh Pal' and the 'dilli' theme throughout the movie. I personally feel that the score in the finale, could have been better. No doubt the song 'Dua' is good, but it lacks the punch. [again, I am spoilt by RDB here, remember the pulsating score of Rahman in Candle light vigil scene?, oh and  good that they have featured that scene in this movie too].

My only complaint to Rajkumar Gupta is - why the name of culprit is changed in the movie? Manu Sharama deserves to be hated by each who watches this movie. Or you thought Jessica and Sabrina's names should be retained to get more eyeballs ? Kya ek individual ki keemat itni sasti hai hamaare desh mein?

Last note : Read the Wikipedia article about the case 'here'. Before watching the movie. That will shock you how some huge names in High society are involved in the real life incident. 

Caution : the movie has got extremely explicit dialogues. Phir kehna mat, warn nahi kiya! :)

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  1. Anonymous12:24

    I don't think it should be compared with RDB. Both the movies are completely different. Having said that I was pretty disappointed with the movie for its loud show

  2. well, comparison ho jaati hai, just coz both has a similar theme, not by choice though. Going by expectations, yes, it was disappointing. But as you know I never expect much from just any movie, by watching its promos. And that helps. :)

  3. I'll have to see this once it's out on DVD, because of Vidya B. and because I love the songs. Was the dialogue as well-written as the songs? Thanks for your review, as always.

  4. The movie is based on some real life incidents and i like such movies...

  5. Anonymous06:32

    I saw this movie on the big screen last night in Sydney. Many of the galis in english were censored with a "beep" sound coming through. Wonder if it was the Aussie censors. However the hindi galis went through.

    Vidya Balan did an excellent job befitting her role. While it was good to see Rani again but I think her role was just okay.

    For once we have a hindi movie with 2 female lead roles. The direction is also good.

    While the 2nd half does not have the same momentum as the 1st, one can understand why the director had to close the 2nd half in the way he did. He has focused on the journey from the lower court to the highcourt and left it at that. Although at the end Rani's voice over does give an indication of the final supreme court judgement in the case. I don't think this movie can be compared to RDB in anyway although the candle scene idea is picked up wrt to RDB


  6. @theBollywoodFan Yes, dialogues are good, but still I wanted more.

    @anonymous Thanks filmbuff for the comment. That gaali part is amusing. Wondering who is sitting in censor board there, shall I apply? :) Yes, no comparison can be done with epic RDB but its just me who cant avoid two identical scenes.

  7. Anonymous05:32

    Hi Darshit

    The candle scene is indeed picked up with ref to RDB in this movie if u can recollect the particular scene plus it seems to have been a fact in the progress of this case. I don't want to elaborate coz i don't wan't to add spoilers for other viewers/readers.


  8. Wow! Nice review. I really agree with you. I think Bollywood needs to make more of these movies. I Thought Rani Mukerji was amazing as Meera and Vidya was amazing as Sabrina. I think though she was supposed to be shy and dull.


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