7 Khoon Maaf : Music Review

Thousands of praises are already all over the web-space. As always, Vishal teams up with Gulzaar saab, and the result is as expected, awesome [such an understatement for both of them, no?]. 

While the addictive 'Darrrling' is already darling of all, it has two versions ['Doosri Darling' !] that are yet not enough for music lovers. Usha Uthup-after a long time- takes us on fun ride along with Rekha Bhardwaj. Gulzar again mixes up casual words with pure Urdu, and the result is outstanding. Next track is the best from the album. Why not? Its credited to Vishal himself as a singer. Starting smoothly, 'Bekaraan' [means restless] reaches its [almost lyrically orgasmic] peak in the last para. How we are indebted to Gulzar saab for keeping such poetry alive ! 

'O Mama' travels different genre after the first two. KK in a rock track is a sure shot. Surprised Gulzar's words can be used in such song too !! Acoustic version of the song is as interesting as this one. Next up, dark 'Aawara' sets perfect mood for the dark movie, sung by Master Saleem -the thumping beats makes an interesting listen.
After the song, Sweetness returns in form of 'Tere Liye'. There is something about Suresh Wadkar and Vishal's pairing that always work like wonder. Remember mesmerizing 'Jaag ja ri' [Omkara]? That magic is recreated here with OMG lyrics. Gem of a track. 

Comparing to others, next track 'Dil dil hai' did not impress me much. Also it sounds familiar with Fat Boy Slim's stuff. [or is it just me?] Pretty rocking singing by Suraj Jagan though. Another song I found quite OK is 'Yeshu'. That did not give goosebumps as such songs should. [Rahman's territory maybe?] I think its the integration in the movie, that will make the song sound different [to me at least].

All in all, VishalGulzar are here again, to pamper you with their best. Go and get pampered. 

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  1. akash01:34

    i agree i love the same 5 out of the original 7 but still an awesome soundtrack

  2. 'Tere Liye' just transports you to some other time and space. And they manage to do it every time! I regret not being in a relationship after hearing that song.


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