5 Hollywood sequels I look forward to in 2012

Well, this may seem off-topic on my blog where I mostly talk about Indian movies. Because I am totally sunk into it. But that doesn't mean I skip Hollywood cinemas. Especially the one that makes the child in me - happy. Animation, fiction and superheroes. So, here is my list of upcoming new movies - say 'sequels' I look forward to in 2012. And yes, the Bollywood Sequels post is coming soon too. :) 

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 
Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. And their fights. Loved them in both movies. Still, they haven't find their way to home. And they are in the Europe now, in a circus !! Aha.. Come June 2012 and I will go mad in the hall. is it in 3D? Yeah !

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Spider Man. The superhero I have grown up with and adored the most. Though I have doubts about the changed cast and director. Tobey Maguire was perfect. But anyways, lets hope for the best and wait for July 3, 2012.

Ice Age: Continental Drift 
One animated franchise I love a lot. This time Scrat is coming to present day. Imagine the riot on the screen when the frozen team gets defrosted in a museum. But one question - why this movie is coming in Summer instead of winter?? Anyway, lets hope Scrat gets his beloved acorn this time, not. ;)

The Dark Knight Rises

Need I say anything? But yes, I just seriously wish if this would get released in IMAX format, back here, in India. 

The Hobbit Part 1: An Unexpected Journey 
The most favorite fiction, ever. The world of Hobbits. Technically, this is a prequel to the legendary LOTR trilogy, but still I am including it here because I wanted to ;) As the journey of Bilbo in the lonely mountains continues and then he wins his precioussss from none other than - the Gollum. Oh, and if rumours are to be believed, its being 'shot' in 3D !! \m/ Waiting for Dec 14,2012. Oh, that day falls after 12.12.12. :-|

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  1. Cool.. I haven't seen continental drift trailer yet..is it out? Can The amazing Spider Man be counted as sequel, it is a reboot of the series..will strt frm the scratch... Hobbit is a prequel but guess that can be counted.... Bourne series next part (though no Matt Damon :( ) & Taken 2 are another 2 sequels to look for...

  2. Finally, it looks like Hollywood has caught on that making the same movies and hoping 3D will save them won't work. I feel like they throw that into the movie just to charge me extra money, and it doesn't make the movie experience any better. I'm really excited for these movies, The Dark Knight especially, but it looks like 2012 will be a great year for movies.


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