Agneepath : Music Review

I did not have any big expectations for soundtrack of this movie, as I knew its going to be a dark movie. So no regular Dharma Productions soundtrack. But somehow, after few repeats, I am pretty much into this Ajay-Atul composed album. 

Chikni Chameli - the Hindi Kombdi Palali, is as catchy as a Marathi folk song can be. Shreya sounds totally different. Not 'great' as it was publicized, but sure to entertain on the screen. Next - O Saiyyan, has an 'opera'ish sound. Sung by Roop Kumar Rathod, composers make sure to utilize his vocals to the fullest [though I feel the recording could be better] With minimal arrangments. Similarly, Sonu has his own share of such number as Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin comes up. Piano led track got me goosebumps as it progressed and ended with Tablas. Wonderful lyrics, no wonder, Amitabh Bhattacharya. Waiting to see this one on the screen. 

Sunidhi and Udit Narayan (!!) comes up with Gun Gun Guna. A 'cheer up' song. Why Udit is used so less? He would have done great things in this fun song. Shah Ka Rutba is the track that would take me the movie viewing, to like it. A Qawwali by Sukhwinder Singh, Anand Raaj Anand and Krishna Beura. Situational it sounds, but yes, quite innovative sounds there. The album ends [aptly] with Deva Shree Ganesha. A sure to make your feet dance - as always a Ganesha song does. Hardcore Nagaada sounds with vocals of Ajay himself. 

My Picks : Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin, O Saiyyan.

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  1. Anonymous23:49

    a lirics are outstanding!!!!!!SABAASH amitabh

  2. Anonymous15:17

    best freaking album of the decade. Deva Shree Ganesh is everlasting

  3. Anonymous19:57

    Critics are critics. -1 to reviewer +1 to Music directors.

  4. Anonymous17:12

    Chikni Chameli & Deva Shree ganesha will rock

  5. Anonymous17:14

    Much better music than Singham

  6. Anonymous19:44

    all songs are superbb!! well done ajay-atul!!! this is goin to rock the new year!!!

  7. nice songs yaar,specially "chikni chemeli".

  8. Anonymous15:48

    o saiyaan!!!!!OWSOME yaar


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