Cocktail : Movie Review

Just like Break Ke Baad, you leave the hall with Deepika's face in your head. Yes, again, in this mushy movie, she proves to be best among the leads. But this time, she's not alone, Diana Penty has her own share of the pie. She acts as flawlessly, as her beauty is. ;) And Saif? In his most comfortable genre he is, again, acts as good as he is in such movies. But just one thing that made me urghhh is now he is looking Old. Yes, old for such movies. (but, as some reports said, initial choice was Imran Khan - urrghhhh, Saifu is better).

The triangular story begins very well. As Saif is master of playing a flirt. (say, extending his KHNH avatar) but somehow you love the things going on over the screen. Diana in her debut, impresses with first scene itself. (ah, that voice). The gags and fun drives the movie ahead until you reach towards 'that' twist in the tale. And the second half, after that, becomes a bit stale and darker compared to colorful cocktail in the first one. But still, for a mushy movie lover, it won't harm much. And given fantastic music score, one hardly gets bored. Yet, somehow feels something lacks that hinders this cocktail an addictive one.

With two strong women characters, it clearly shows that Imtiaz Ali has written this one. Wish, this was his movie. Ah well. But Homi Adajania overall, doesn't let down with his style. Its just that he goes a bit overboard with style over substance. Technically the film is perfect. With fab shots of London (by Anil Mehta) and the night life. One scene, that shows Veronica before just breaking down, is superbly done at a night club. Oh, and with killer music. Pritam's music is something that I loved the most in the film. Luttna, Jugni, Tumhi Ho Bandhu - and all. (When I am pleased by music, I don't care much if the movie is trash or not ;)

If you are fan of rom-coms, fan of peppy stories, and loved EMAET. Go and order this Cocktail. It won't be addictive, but not bad either.

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  1. I'm quite skeptical about this one, as I haven't liked anything from Saif lately and Deepika isn't a favourite either... but maybe her acting skills have developed?
    I just hope it's not the typical bad-girl-doesn't-get-the-guy Indian rom-com. Otherwise I'm open for anything. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh oh... typical bad-girl-doesn't-get-the-guy Indian rom-com

    Ahem.. you are warned.

      I won't watch it then. Thanks for the warning.


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