Department : Music Review

The 'mad-dance-on-roads' track Dan Dan Cheeni Shoot Mix reminds recent Ajay-Atul works, but this one is by Dharam Sandeep, totally situational. A chaos of sound, literally. Next Mumbai Police composed by Bappa Lahiri, features Sanjay Dutt doing as usual 'dialogue uttering' thing. A hip-hopish track that doesn't work. Bappa's another offering Kammo - is yet another 'that sounds similar' Mika song. Surprise, Sudesh Bhosle is also in the credits. Sigh.  Vikram Nagi's Bad Boys is a techno filled track, nothing notable. Similarly, Theme of Department (Ek Do Teen Chaar) is equally - torturous.

There was a time when, RGV's movies had some excellent songs. Period.

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  1. It's not just the music that is bad! RGV's already erratic camera work makes what should have been a 'hot' song shoddy and distasteful.


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