Vicky Donor : Movie Review

You know the movie has worked for you, when you can remember name of each little character, and their acts. Vicky Donor has screenplay of that level. Yes,Shoojit Sircar's Vicky Donor hits the right spot. The story so original, efforts so sincere, acts so flawless and overall - so entertaining the movie is. Its hard to ignore this brilliance.  Vicky Donor is story of Vicky (Ayushmaan) who like any other guy of his age, dreams of making a bright career, but ends up in this 'handicraft' business thanks to Dr.Chaddha. Enter Ashima Roy, and how the life changes is the crux of the story.

When I watched the trailer, I wasn't much happy with it. I'm sure they are going to make fun of this sensible thing, I thought. But thank God, I was wrong. This is nothing like that. Written by Juhi Chaturvedi, Vicky Donor is appreciable, balanced effort to portray this sensitive subject. How seamlessly Shoojit and Juhi weaves many themes is really clap-worthy.
**mild spoiler** Inter-state marriages, re-marriages, sperm donation and adoption. **spoiler ends**

Set in Delhi, the movie has its own plus points when it comes to overall execution. You can feel the 'Punjabiyat' in each frame. It never bores you at any given point thanks to its light weight funny one liners. Ayushmaan charms you like a pro. (reminded me of Abhay Deol at places, maybe cause I already have hangover of Dev D and OLLO). No wonder the makers selected him for this 'different' project.  Ditto, Yami Gautam. She, being a shy, simpleton Bong. And both of them together, the pair works. And the other pairing works is the Saas-Bahu. Vicky's mom and granny (Dolly and Kamlesh Gill). You just can not ignore this motor mouthed Punjabi aunties. And, Punjabi uncle - Mr Chaddha - Annu Kapoor excels his part. Without being a 'loud' character he perfects his job of 'pain in the sperm' doctor.

Music - VD is already one of my favorites this year. And is wonderfully mixed with the movie. Though towards the end it feels a few songs are thrown in back to back, but you won't mind when it doesn't hinder the pace. Loved the picturisation of Pani Da Rang and Kho Jaane de.

Full marks to John Abraham for daring to be different. The movie at no place tries to sell cheap jokes or dumb cliches. Its a film that is good at heart, knows what it is dealing with and it does hit the right spot. Kudos John and Shoojit !

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  1. I liked the story first, then the performance by stars, some songs are really good. This movie shows the truth faced by new generation couples nowadays..... All the best !!!!

  2. it was a good post


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