Vishwaroop : Movie Review

There is this character, played by Pooja Kumar, who always has that 'whats happening here?' expression throughout the movie. Exactly same feeling was there on audience's face. It is a worrying condition when you are watching a Thriller. Massive production values and scale doesn't help out Kamal Hassan's latest ambitious project - Vishwaroopam. Dealing with terrorism (oh Oooh) of Afghanistan and US of A (Le sigh) the movie has a great scope but falls short because of its sluggish pace, lack of urgency in screenplay and too less thrilling moments.

No doubt it packs some brilliant moments. Like the one where it shows how childhood is lost among those gunshots (children playing shoot shoot). Feelings of a young suicide bomber. Life and times while living amidst missile launchers where gun cartridges are sold in grocery stores ! Also, there is no looking back when you see Kamal devoted to his role. Technically the film is at par of any Hollywood flick. It hardly seems that this one is made/shot in Indian studios majorly. (Yes, Afghanistan was in India!!) But the issue is with pace. After painfully slow half an hour, it picks up with a startling fight sequence. Again it offers a promising ride when it flashbacks to Afghanistan. But soon, again, it triggers back and come to leisurely pace. The breathtaking shots of Afghanistan seems no novelty after a few moments. Rahul Bose' character loses its grip  among too many characters. Add to this - the songs.

And wonder why a 'man on fire' always has to battle just for one bomb that may destroy whole city ? If it is so, why can't we make such climax an 'edge of seats' one? Similar was the problem of Agent Vinod. Vishwaroopam, even pwns that one. It climaxes so abruptly, it reminds of how Ek Tha Tiger ended. All of a sudden.

Having seen 'huge scaled' Dashawatharam I was betting high on Vishwaroopm, but it disappoints on equal scale. Wish this would be edited on in a crisp way, then the last announcement - a sequel could've been exciting.(is it a right time to stop making films about Afghanistan+Kashmir?)

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  1. Before 10 years Kamal and Rajani was very famous actors. But today Rajnikant is superstar and Kamal Hasan is still Actor

  2. Cool review. heartfelt.. and I agree that it could've been better... Do check out my review of the movie at


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