David : Movie Review

Not an easy task it is, to depict multiple stories, different scenarios in a single film. As we've seen in past, it needs a really good screenplay to keep the viewer glued. And in David, Bejoy Nambiar goes one step further, as all three stories does not connect with each other except for the last 'few' minutes. Despite of that fact, David ends up in an engagingly told tale of similar named protagonist living in different times - 1975, 1999 & 2010. Played by Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vinay Virmani and Vikram, respectively. Each living a different life. One is a gangster, other one is aspiring musician and one - a jobless drunkard 40-something guy in Goa.

Unlike other films, here all three stories reveal parallelly despite of no identical connections. And that, is a good idea to keep viewer hooked. Because otherwise, each track has its dull moments that if told individually, movie could've been lagging. Neil's track is shot in B/W and the trick is too effective with mystery and tense tone. Similarly Mumbai - has pretty lively mood with Vinay's act that goes into gloomy feel and the trauma of a victim, with rains. While colorful Goa serves as relief with Vikram's flawless act of goofy drunkard, with added charm of Tabu.

David - is technically superior on each front. Be it lavish shots of London's homes and streets, the moods of Mumbai, or beauty of stunning night shots of Goa. Each frame is perfect. And the action sequences done with utter finesse. And the songs - as a standalone OST I wasn't fan of it. But after watching the songs in the film, I am pretty surprised how well it has been integrated. Ghum Huye haunts while connecting the three dots while Mast Kalandar and Ya Hussain are again cleverly fitted against action sequences. And Tere Mere Pyaar Ki was too lovely.

Its tough to choose which David was the best in the film. Each one has its own presence. Not a big fan of Neil, but here the director cleverly gives him minimum dialogues. He looks dapper and menacing altogether. Paired with him, Monica Dogra is the weakest linkof the film. Don't know why she was cast where the story needed a powerful woman - that also, with 'Urdu' background? Vinay was surprise package. Never have seen his work before, he charms you instantly. Unusual pairing (can I say that?) with Lara Dutta. But the relationship is sensitively taken care of. While Vikram, who again, charms despite of being a weird  drunkard, and (often) beats women !! (fun part though) Tabu is as always a pleasure to watch on screen, and Isha besides looking stunning, plays her part well.

Overall, David a fine film that may be limited to selective audience because of its 'more talkative' nature. But it keeps you engaged with on-goings on screen, shocks you and delights you at the same time in its own ways. Would recommend for sure. (and if you want - my rating is 3.5/5).

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