Listen Amaya : Music Review

Upbeat tune of Hey Hey Mrs K is easily likeable with all the conversation like singing.  (Sung by Ankur Sabharwal, Vidhi Sharma, Jeetendra Singh & Indraneel). Fun song it is. Next one Mann Ki Patang sung by Vidhi Sharma is best of the album. The uplifting tune continues in background and singing is impressive. A remake is next - Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi si gets another version - thankfully this one sung by Kunal Ganjawala doesn't harm much as it retains the original flavor. Pathos laden Kashmakash, again by Kunal is an okayish stuff. While last track - Mann Ki Patang (Rendition) by Indraneel - impresses.

Penned by Punam Hariharan, this little soundtrack composed by Indraneel Hariharan is a nice effort, makes you look forward to to the composer.

My Favorites : Mann Ki Patang

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  1. A breath of Fresh Air. A fresh story line with seasoned actors and crisp direction make this movie a must watch for lovers of real cinema. No unnecessary dhishoom dhishoom, no sleazy scenes, no items songs or item girls. A beautiful story told brilliantly! Do not miss this one.


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