ABCD - Any Body Can Dance : Movie Review

When I saw its trailer for the first time, I thought, why is this being made in 3D ? (And mind it, no Step-Up fan here. Haven't seen a single shot from the series). But after being blown out by the dance sequences of ABCD, now I think there is no other way to make a Dance movie. Yes, Remo D'Souza's bet on 3D is pretty much bang on target. Forget about Hollywood, just do not compare its dance movies with this - because this one is all in all a desi outing. And you know that from the start itself when the thumping 'Shambhu Sutay' comes up on screen with Ganesha Visarjan sequence. (What surprised me that people in audience were actually 'identifying' the actors. Yes, those actors who were actually part of various dance-reality show !). 

You can't expect actors to be too good when watching a dance movie, isn't it? But still, for their first movie, the bunch of young actors are actually good if not 'too good'. Especially Salman Yusuff Khan and Dharmesh Yelande. And well, the movie is all about Prabhudeva v/s Kay Kay Menon. Good v/s Bad. And both plays their part very well. The southern twang actually works in favor of PD. Its a pleasure to watch his confrontation scenes with Kay Kay. And absolute joy it was to see him in an almost 10 minutes long solo performance right before interval. In one brilliant moment he just flutters his jacket back. You just can't help but give a shout out / whistle. 'Motu' Ganesh Acharya provides comic relief.

Sachin-Jigar's soundtrack is inseparable part for this out and out dance movie. And its not like that the song/dance are just thrown in between. From introducing the characters in Shambhu Sutay, to revolution-kinda sequence of (amazingly shot) Bezubaan, to gloomy Duhai Hai and grandeur of climax - Kar ja re and Ga-Ga-Ganpati. Everything is right in place. You just go awww...oh..whoa ! with each move and each song. The climax is one of the grandest I've ever seen on screen. Don't know whose idea this must be - but Vijay Kumar Arora's camera brilliantly put up dances with themes of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, each in a different song. No wonder, when a choreographer is making it - such surprises has to be there. 
Remo D'Souza has made one hell entertaining film with lot of efforts that shows. With all the innovative moves and splendid execution of dance sequences, it makes you glued to seats, shouting and whistling out unabashedly. And that too - not for a 'big star' but the crew, that stays behind the camera - Choreographers !! Just do not miss all this fun. (And, if you catch it, again, do not miss the end credit song. Such a delight to see the all four of them together.)
p.s. : Step-up fan? Stay away from it if you want to compare and can't praise the efforts behind this. 
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  1. Awesome movie with awesome songs and dance sequences...


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