Desi Boyz : Music Review

Make some noice for the desi boyz - sounds age old regular stuff that Pritam churns every now and then. But I'm sure it will work perfectly in the movie. [with stripped boyz ;)]. Trance-pop sound of Subah hone na de makes an addictive listen. Shefali Alvaris [remember yeh dil hai nakhrewala?] with Mika - perfect. Jhak Maar ke - a rehash of Jhor ka jhatka from Action Replay - is annoying with same old Pritam+Neeraj Shridhar stuff. Sigh.. Harshdeep Kaur in such song. Allah Maaf Kare - Sonu Nigam ko, man. Why did he select this song? Duh.. And another singer is wasted. Shaan in Let It Be - though it has nice lyrics [situational] giving lessons about life. Pretty regular stuff. Bah. Anyways, what more can we expect from a regular comedy flick?  But atleaset they could've given something like Garam Masala.

My Favorites : Subah Hone Na de.

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