Item (Euphoria) : Music Review

Finally some good news for Indipop lovers. Kailasa are almost ready with their 'Rangeelee', and before that Euphoria is already here with their 'Item'. Palash and gang are here with their sixth album. With their usual pop-rock tracks fused with Indian sounds.

Ram Ram Ali Ali reminds of their own Soneya. As earlier albums had, this too has some fab lyrics reflecting religions and their meaning, passes the muster. C U Later starts slowly but gets completely Guitar heavy during midway. Not too easy for me to get used to the sound. Sajnaa is the safe zone of the group. Fusion . Predictable yet lovely track. Mere dost mere bhai [Tum Hi They] has a familiar sound. Interesting lyrics it has.  Another one to look forward to. At prelude, Gumsum sounds exactly like Sha Na Na. But soon it turns out differently. Arrangements are minimal here [so, makes an 'easy on ear' listen ;)]. 

Jeene do rides heavily on Palash's voice, with rebelious lyrics, the track didn't work for me. Kabootar (!) starts with Gabbar singh's trademark laugh [yes!] and soon that fades in a heavy rock thing. Nah... not for me. [Ram naam satya hai, aata sab ka waqt hai - I was ROFLing]. And what the next track Dukeli was all about - before I can figure it out it went away in 37 seconds ! But soon it gets cleared that it was kind of prelude for next one - A sequel to 'Ab Na jaa' - Akela [na jaa]. Loved it. Finally, the title track Item arrives. An item number on a pop album ! ah well. With 'desi' pronounciations and and desi beats the track tries hard, but falls flat. No fun. nah. 

All in all, past was the best times when we had some GREAT songs by the team. But something's missing this time. 

My Favorites : Akela, Sajnaa, Mere dost mere bhai

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  1. Excellent post, I just love Ram Ram Ali Ali songs.


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