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A R Rahman is back (!) in heart of everyone again with the release of Rockstar's soundtrack. [though I never thought he had gone anywhere, but that is totally a different issue I won't like to discuss]. This is a moment where I would like to discuss Favorite 'Rahman' Movie. Movies, that are hard to imagine without Rahman's scintillating score. Just mute the movie and you will understand how his music a inimitable part of what is ongoing on screen. [Call me over excited, but I am looking extremely forward to Rockstar because reportedly it has 14+6 tracks in the movie].

Here are top 3 of my favorites [have restricted the list to Hindi films only]. Would love to know what are yours.

3. Meenaxi-A Tale of 3 Cities :

Colorful, vibrant and lively the movie is. Ditto the score by the genius. From mysterious Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai that talks about that 'first love' from the eyes of lady protagoinist, to 'sexy' Dhuan dhuan sung by Asha ji that depicts desire of her. Vision of M F Hussain's unusual & dreamy thoughts is translated in Do Kadam aur sahi. And the vibrance and gress of 'The beauty' is perfectly described in one of the most fabulous sufiana style : Noor-Un-Allah. Colorful cities of India - Hyderabad and Jaisalmer looks perfect with Chinamma Chilkamma and Rang hai. Oh, and not to forget 'opera'ish background score for the parts shot at Prague. The addictive desi sounds of Jaisalmer. Innovative 'The cyclist's Rhytham' and 'Potter's village'. Add Tabu in all the frames, and one can die with awesomeness. Sigh..

2. Rang De Basanti:

Very few movies are there that weaves Rahman's tracks so perfectly that it becomes inseparable to even think of thos movies without BG Score playing in mind. Rang De Basanti - talk about it and mind starts playing the finale theme sung by Rahman himself [the one when the friends are walking towards the radio station]. Gets me goosebumps everytime. The piano tune that plays through many scenes [the one when Sue reads out the diary] perfectly creates pictures of haunting past. Adrenaline rushes into your veins when the title credits roll and also when the bikers go wild after attending the 'Paathshala', Khalbali induced theme when friend goes to the place where Karan proposes Sonia and 'fly with the plane' happens. On the other hand - for the past, totally different tracks - when Sue imagines her characters in the DJ gang, Chasing Ram prasad Bismil & Ashfaq, Kakori Train loot, The Azad at Ramlila - list can go on and on. Not to forget perfect amalgamation of the songs and the movie. Till date, I can't stop my tears when Khoon chala or Lukka chhuppi happens. Oh man.. Oh man.


[See, that is in CAPS LOCK, Got it why? ;)] Well, this is the most obvious choice whenever I talk about Rahman's finest works. This is a movie where each and every character has their own identical score. Close your eyes and you can identify just by the sound that plays in background - yes, that is Lakha, oh there comes Gauri - ah, Elizabeth is escaping from the palace, ooh, the aerial shot of the village. Each and every moment is framed with Rahman's notes. Each track is so well fitted and in-line with the screenplay - the songs are something that one can never hit FF even after watching for nth time. I had never liked the game of Cricket - blame it on the maestro for his tense score uptill the climax. Mention of climax makes me go bow the genious how smoothly he mixes up tunes of each song in just one stretch. Starting with the moment when Bhuvan falls and fills his hands with sand and release it towards the sky [Mitwa theme] the sequence ends with Gauri and Bhuvan hugging each other while Elizabeth watches them [O rey chhori] and finally rain dance with Ghanan Ghanan. Oh my dear Rahman - what this movie could've done without you ! Salutes !!

Honorable mentions :

Delhi-6. This is the closest one when it comes to inclusion of songs into the movie. Most favorite part ? The one when Daadi [Waheeda ji] returns to her home and the carnatic piece of Rehna Tu [comes as ending of the track] plays in background.

Swades. The leisurely paced movie was worth because of the almost silent score-perfect for the theme of the movie. Most favorite? the 'Entering' theme when Mohan enters the village. [I seriously believe Avatar's theme is totally inspired by this one] and Geeta's theme.

Dil Se. Visual orgasmic the movie is. And those breathtaking visuals captured by Santhosh Sivan are incomplete with the BG score. Ladakh will never look so beautiful as it was in this movie. Most favorite? The theme of Meghna. The one that starts 'tu hi tu' - often repeats in the movie.
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  1. Anonymous08:21

    Lovely post. By 'carnatic piece of Rehna Tu ' you mean the continuum keyboard piece right in the end right? I LOVE IT.

    I agree with the list. However, I'd add Roza, Rangeela and Zubeidaa to honorable mentions. May be Earth too.

  2. Bombay is one of my faves. Excellent post ...

  3. My favorite is Dil Se, followed by Rang De Basanti. I'm really looking forward to Rockstar.


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