Love Aaj Kal : Music Review

Expectations are sky high. And why not? After serene Socha Na Tha, and full of life Jab We Met soundtrack, [okay, much was lifted, but OST was good though] one can easily demand more from the director- Imtiaz Ali. And for soundtrack of his next Love Aaj Kal, he again has roped in Pritam Chakraborthy. Movie has flavor of fun, and this time much more then JWM, where only Girl was Paagal, in here, both Girl and Boy looks Paagal. And for such paagal movie, some fultoo paagal music is needed. So, has Pritam done justice? And how many tracks he has lifted this time [i dont know that, dont ask me, ask :P
Hemant Kumar must be crying for killing his one of the most famous tune in first track 'Twist'. I have had enough of Neeraj Shridhar. Aren't there any more singers left? Okay, the track is 'killing' in terms of instant addiction. Instant foot-tapping. But that's only because of 'Naagin' tune. Otherwise the track is so badly composed. So, thumbs down at very first track. :( Again, it is re re mixed in Twist remix track, later in album.

If someone was listening to my cries over the first track, instantly second track made me fly high. A haunting whistling sound coming from a distant place with winds blowing, and Voila !! Mohit Chauhan !! Singing 'Yeh Dooriyaan' a regular, soaked in sweetness, lovely song by Mohit. Words by Irshad Kamil, does fantastic job. And the 'theme' the song has, must be used in various parts of the movie. Also it is used in Main Yahaan Hoon track. Fresh breeze of romance is felt all around. Traces of Tum Se Hi are felf here too.

Next track 'Chor Bazari' is a fun foot tapping track. Girl and boy having fun. Sung by Neeraj Shridhar [again] with Sunidhi Chauhan. Though composition is quite insteresting but it fails to hold up the attention. And turns out to be less impressive all over. The track reapeats as a remix [useless] version too.

'Main Kya Hoon' is a 'wide angle' track if we talk in terms of picturisation. A sound that I feel designed for endless journeys. Going through endless road, higher and higher. After all, its K.K. who takes us there. Up next are funky Guitar strings. The track Aahun Aahun is so interestingly composed. Everything is designed funky. A sure shot dance hit in DJ community. Jazzy B and Neeraj Shridhar rocks the floor. Also there is a remix of the track, but I would prefer the original.

Time for some relief. When we listen drum beats increasing slowly and croon of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, in same fashion as 'Teri Aur'. The Track 'Ajj Din Chadheya' is a beautifully written track by Irshad. And is mostly goes by vocal. And what more can we ask for if Rahat is singing it??

Concluding the album, a 'Shaadi' track. 'Thoda Thoda Pyar' is a typical Punjabi marriage song, with pretty good vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan with a touch of folk. A completely situational track, nothing much.

So surprised I am, that why Imtiaz Ali has come up with such an above average soundtrack? Looking back at his movies, I was hoping an extravagenza. But this is a big disappointment. Okay, given that movie doesn't belong to genre of Musical, its a fun on the go,kinda movie. But still..... Again I am surprised that Shaan, who is voice of Saif, is not used at all. And the album is so much Male dominated. I dont think there would be much more mushy mushy moments. Nahiin.....Jab we met ke baad We wanna see some more like that,,,,,,don't we?? May be its because the movie is co-produced by Saif. So he must have all the attention, isn't it? :P

My Rating :
3 / 5
My Top Picks : Yeh Dooriyaan, Main Kya Hoon


  1. I'm working on my review too! So far enjoyed the soundtrack.

  2. Bhargav

    But My expectations were a bit high. And was expecting a little romantic outing. Which it isn't. Looking fwd to see ur thoughts.

  3. I've published my review. Loved the music!

  4. Anonymous18:04

    copy paste work...saw this review on some website.. better change it.. bro

  5. Dear Anonymous ji

    Thanks for stopping by. I have also posted it at chakpak. May be there u have seen it. Or else if u have seen this sumwhere else, PLEASE do tell me. So that i can see who's copying my stuff. Cause 'my write-up is 100% original' :-)

  6. Anonymous19:59

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  7. Anonymous14:27

    I loved the music. What is best is that I also read the review of the music of Love Aaj Kal HERE where i could also listen to the simultaneously . It rocked!

  8. Anonymous16:43

    Aaahun Aahun song is sung by Master Sleem not Jazzy Bains you dork...


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