'Sister/Daughter'hood in Bollywood

Just when I was listening to this fabulous song from 'Doli Saja ke Rakhna'; I thought how great feeling it must be being a girl's brother. Okay, I have cousin sisters. But The feeling of having a sister around me, all the time, is not there. As we aren't a nuclear family, all uncles are living at other cities. And only sibling I have is my elder brother. So I have always missed how it feels a careful, naughty 'behna' around me. The song made me so emo, that inspired me to write down this post. Still, I have no complaints about my equally sweet and very much naughty two cousin sis, who never make me feel like I am alone...but ..... [they are gonna kill me if they see this :P].

The song itself is so sentimental. 'Jhula Baahon Ka' sung by Sadhna Sargam [love her] and Sreenivas. It portrays feelings of a Sister who has grown up now, but to her brothers, who love her so much, she is a small little sis. I love the piece when brothers says 'tu khushi tu qarar tu bahar hai, dum se tere hi toh, ghar mein nikhar hai'. Just see faces of brothers...

There are many movies of Bollywood, that have portrayed brother sister relationships so beautifully. And whenever I think of sis, the song 'phoolon ka taaron ka' from Hare Rama Hare Krishna, comes to our mind. And why not? It is the best song on the theme. There are plenty of such songs too. But right now I can't recall them.

And by that, my mind changed the track, and focused on another relationship linked to it. Similarly to my earlier thought of having sis around me, at home is a great feeling, then how far more better and how interesting and emotional bond would be of Father and Daughter !! Its always between Papa and his Daughter. Never have we heard about Momma and Beti relationship [besides bolly actresses ofcourse].

And the very first movie comes to my mind, is ofcourse, 'Yaadein' by Subhash Ghai. okay, I know it was 'bad' movie [as ppl calls it] but I 'liked' it. Seriously, I am not trying to be 'different' from others, but I actually liked the movie. Okay, - minus the rich-poor divide, minus awful product endorsements, the movie was so good. The way it shown relationship between Jackie Shroff the father and his Three Daughters, made me feel emotional. Jackie had given a memorable performance as a father. The central theme of the movie was definitely that relationship. It was just Ghai, who got blind by superstardom of Hrithik, and made it all wrong. But still, the song 'Yaadein' and 'Eli Re Eli' has got wonderful moments of 'daughterhood'.

Again, when I see my dad playing around with my little niece 'Heer', I get the sequence from movie Vivah in my mind.

The very first sequence, when Alok Nath is singing 'Bhajan' with his little cute daughter. I completely loose myself in that wonderful Papa-Beti moment. How great it is to have a daughter, and equally, how painful it must be, when after 20-22 years, you have to give her hand to someone, some other person, by putting all of your faith and trust in him?? Only a father can understand that feeling. Sooraj Barjatya, had also put that feel in his earlier flick 'Main Prem ki deewani hoon' on a bigger note. Father Pankaj Kapur and Daughter Kareena. But due to loud screenplay it went all un-noticed. But still its worth looking at once, just because of Pankaj Kapur. A song is also dedicated to this relationship -Papa Ki pari Hoon Main....

Definitely, Papa Ki Pari. Each Girl is......

Thanks Yves for reminding me about Khamoshi-The Musical. It was another great example of relationship between Father-Daughter. Though the movie emphasized on Parents and Daughter relationship, the bond shown between Nana and Manisha was fantastically played. The fabulous song Yeh Dil Sun Raha hai still melts my heart.

And another heart warming song about Father-Daughter is a Bidai Song; Legendary as Sujoy put it. Baabul ki duayein leti jaa from NeelKamal, is one of the Rafi’s best one. Thanks Sujoy for reminder.


  1. A great post! Although not humorous like your previous ones but I can strangely identify with the sister saga.

    By the way, Thank you for your admirable comment. I would like to humbly confess that I'm not a writer, "good" is far cry! I'm only a thinker and when I think deep, I flare up. That's it!

  2. I love that song from Doli Sajake Rakhna...but why does Youtube do that to me...the song is so badly chopped up...
    Anyway, loved the post.
    But you forgot to mention the "LEGENDARY" beti song of Bollywood: Baabul ki Duwaaye Leti Jaa...

  3. That was a nice post! Jhoola Baahon Ka truly depicts the relationship between a brother and a sister..any idea who wrote the lyrics?

    Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main was a good song, but Kareena's overacting really spoilt it to the max. It's good that she's got over her Poo image.

  4. LOL I love Yaadein! I wrote a HUGE post on it a while back. Great idea for a post!

  5. I love Jhoola baahon ka song too. You should do a list of brother-sister songs, and father-daughter songs as well!

    This is off topic, a friend of mine has been trying to get the movie for this song: Jane kyon aisa lagta hai. I hadnt even heard of it before today, so wasnt able to help. Do you know it?

  6. Shubhajit
    So glad you liked the post. Yes, Its kinda different than my other recent posts. Perhaps for the first time I am involving personal feelings with a post.

    Yes, the song is a little bit messy on Youtube. Do you have any other link? And the Legendary song - Yes it is. And another one is 'Babul ka yeh ghar gori'. But the song is a gem. Mohd. Rafi, isn't it?

    Thanks. Yes, the words are really very true to its essence. Its written by Mehboob [ofcourse]. But sigh...still I haven't seen this flick.
    Oh, Papa ki pari, Bebo ruined it all. the whole movie. But I personally liked her as Poo... :P

    Humm..huge post on Yaadein, must check out.

    Talking about lists, I just can't remember much songs on the themes. Its quite a tought one.
    And so is your trivia question. Sorry, but I couldn't get the answer for ur sawaal.

  7. Hello Darshit,
    The best father-daughter Indian movie that comes to my mind is Khamoshi, by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. There was something really great about the relationship between girl and parents.
    It's funny you should say that it must be hard to let your daughter go free when she's 20-22: in France where I live, things happen rather later you see, sometimes when they're 27 -28, and the daughters, when they go, do not bereave you that much.

  8. yves
    Oh, good Lord. I completely forgot that one. Actually this was a quick post so I did miss many gr8 movies/songs. Thanks for pointing out. Khamoshi is one of my favorite in terms of the movie or music. I still can remember how emotional the song Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai. Manisha was superb. Actually the movie did not emphasized on Father-Daughter relationship but Daughter+Parents relationship. Will add it to the post soon.

    And the thing abt France, is good. Atleast for a father, it would be less turbulent, isn't it?

  9. Awww Darshit, now me missing my bro.. :(( never thought ki tu itna accha sochta bhi hain aur likhta bhi hain, muje laga u just follow bolloywood... *Phoolon ka Taaro ka * song is my best song, very year I cry on Rakshabandhan and missing my bro.. wel he is in USA since 25yrs bt not much in contact.. :( thats life..

  10. Definitely Papa's girl. Keep them coming

  11. *khushi*
    Hi, welcome to my blog. Glad you liked my post. and Thanks for the complements. I feel inspired by such words. Tamari vaat sanbhali ne dukh thayu. Koi rite sambandho sudhri na shake ke? Anyways, cheer up. Bhagwan koi ne badhu j kyare y nathi aapta.

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your visit. You also do keep coming :P

  12. Wonderful idea!!! I'm blank right now but when I think of more, I'll let you know!

  13. Nicki
    Thanks. Do come back whenever you are out of blank.

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