A Love Post : Vasundhara Das

Ask me anytime, just any time "Whom do you want to 'date' from Indian Film Industry? You will be surprised by my answer but yes, its Vasundhara Das. No doubt, there is a long list after her, but She tops my list. I just don't know why, but she attracts me like no one else does. Her attitude, her charm and the most favorite of mine is her voice. As imDb puts it, One of the only talents in India to be known both for her acting and her playback-singing. Such an impressive voice, that drool me over. She has that something on her face, she looks cute with all that chubby cheeks, but still she can carry off sensuous avatar very well. Well, look here for that. [though agree she should loose that extra flab :-)] Also she is such a great performer on stage, you oughta see her in any of the Rahman concert.

Well, it all started in the year 2001. Yes, the Year of Lagaan. And that was the movie, which brought her voice to my ears. Mesmerizing piece in the song 'O Rey Chhori' - the one sang for Rachel Shelly, 'My heart it speaks a thousand words...' left my heart beating for this girl. Till now, it was only Sunidhi who was singing [or say getting] such songs. Vasundhara was so refreshing that I could never get enough of her this song. And to my surprise, I found that she was the girl who played a simple wife of Kamala Hassan in 'Hey Ram' !! Gosh !.

Untill....rocking 'Rabba Rabba' came in Rakeysh Mehra's Debut 'Aks'. Vasundhara outshined all singers in her league in this powerful song "Rabba Rabba" while no one believed the song was 'not' sung by Raveena Tondon. She was sounding so much like her. Excellent vocals by Sukhvinder Singh too, made the song oustanding. At the same time she was getting way more famous down South, because of Rahman's songs. In Mudhalvan [later re-made as Nayak-The Real Hero] she did another catchy number 'Shakalaka Baby' which later became a rage in Rahman's 'Bombay Dreams'.

After that, came powerful 'Gustakhiyaan' from Aankhen. Which suited best for perfect couple Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu. Vasundhara sang with such 'josh' made it perfect duet with KayKay. And then again, down south she did two fabulous numbers again with Rahman. in Boys. 'Secret of Sucess' and 'Dating'. Loved loved all songs by far.

And by the same year, she was getting all rave reviews for her act in Mira Nair's Monsson Wedding. Acted alongwith Parveen Dabas, she outshined most of them and made her presense felt in such a big ensemble cast.

My affair with her went on and on, when she did sing for my favorite actress, Priety Zinta. She made me groove to the D.I.s.c.o in Kal Ho Na Ho. A modern day disco song 'Its the time to disco' was enough to revive the old genre. And again she surprised, how seamlessly her voice suits Priety, no wonder later she did 'Salaam Namaste' for her with equal ease. And yet again in a KHNH clone song 'Where's the party tonight' in KANK and YET again in silly, yet fun 'Kiss of Love' from JBJ.

Well, SRK seemed to have love her voice, cause she featured in yet another movie of his. Main Hoon Naa. Had got the cool quotient by her awesome 'Chale Jaise Hawaaein' . The grungy song for Amrita Rao made me fall over both of them, and leaving me in kashmkash :-)

And for some time she disappeared from the hindi music scene, [after forgetable No Entry and Dhoom] She stole my heart again and this time, it was the BEST one of her. 'Kahin to hogi Woh....' [video: 2:35 to 2:58] stole my heart instantly and revived my loveeeeee. One of the Rahman's best work and definitely Vasundhara's best till date. Though she has only few lines, she is superb superb.

And besides all this great songs, she also did a private album. Meri Jaan has this really interesting video about Two Taj Mahal theory. One is White and other the Black one. See for yourself. Vasundhara Das is as usual, BEST at her own singing style and the video is also, damn good.

There,goes my lovestory with Vasundhara Das. Which will go on and on and on. So dear Das, keep going on singing such stupendous tracks, and yes, always ask for More Rahman. More Rahman. Thats wht you are made for !!


  1. I love Chale Jaise Hawaaien; it's one of my favorite performances from her. But I disagree with you about Kiss of Love--the song is silly but her performance made it totally fun!

  2. I learn new things everytime I come to your blog! I had no idea Vasundhara Das sang all those awesome songs (I was aware that she did the English part in O rey chhori, of course, because I bought the cassette!). I luuurve Its the time to disco and Chale jaise hawaaein. Hope she does more awesome songs, soon!

  3. I've always liked Vasundhara Das a lot, and you've done us a favor by sharing some tracks I didn't know she sang (the non-A. R. Rahman ones). I think alongside Shilpa Rao, she's amazing. I wasn't aware of this Taj Mahal wala video either, thanks for sharing! And definitely agree with you on needing more of her with A. R. Rahman!

    And I'm going to forward the first paragraph of this post to someone as soon as I'm done with this comment :P :P :P

  4. ajnabi
    Yeah, the song from Main Hoon Naa is awesome. She totally matches the feel of college fun. And oops, you are right. My mistake. The song is silly, that lead me to use that word. But Das was good in that. So by your and Louella's thoughts, i have removed that word :-)

    So nice of you. I am so glad that my blog is worth for something. I feel inspired by such complements.

    Hoping more from this girl, how abt a Rock one??

    Hey, really? You didn't know abt all these tracks?? Then I should up my collars and say, 'he he, joyu, tBF ne shikhvadyu" LoL.
    Interesting comparison there. Shilpa Rao is also having similar yet different lovely voice. How abt both of them to be roped in by Rahman??? That would be awesome fun.

    The Taj Mahal wala video is one of my favorite from indipop scene. Gone were the days.....missing the beautiful videos and fresh sounds.

    And yes, definitely you can forward that para...lol. It would be 'fun' !!

  5. Anonymous20:41

    Well, she's amazing not only in songs from North. Yep, you recommended Boys but have you heard Kannum Kannum Nokia or I hate you? I just love them^^

    BTW, you stole my post idea :P

  6. Hello Darshit,
    I absolutely loved that post of yours on Vasundhara Das, whom I had noticed ever since Monsoon Wedding: have you seen other movies where she plays and that are watchable?
    Also I hadn't realized she was such a talented singer. I deezered her and saw she's the one who sings in Tumhe dekho naa, one of my long-time favourite from KANK!!
    So, thanks a million,

  7. I was just rewatching Monsoon Wedding over the weekend and was thinking to myself what a doll Vasundhara is. Hmm Im heared the other songs you mentioned but ivei've never seen the video you posted, but it was nice amd i see that Shiney dude ;p

  8. I love her voice. Thanks for the dedication. She is definitely underrated

  9. I like her both as an actress and also as a singer..she was very good in Heyy Raam.

  10. imienazwisko
    Hi, Welcome to my blog. And Yes I liked Boys but as I m not much into southies, I din't know abt the songs u've suggested. And just viewed, they are fabulous. Thanks for the links. And yes, still you can go for your post. Lets see what are ur thoughts. :-)

    Hello and welcome. I am so glad you liked this post. As far as I've seen her, was in 'Hey Ram' [2000]. She had very small, but superb performance. On the other hand, she has done a few southies, but I can't recall much abt it.

    And oops..Tumhe Dekho na is sung by Alka Yagnik ! But Vasundhara is really a talented singer. :P

    Co-incidence or what? :-P Humm..she really looked like a cute doll in Monsoon Wedding. The video I've posted is really good, I just love it for its different'ness'. And yeah, Shiney before the movies :

    You are always welcome :) Definitely she is underrated AND underused, isn't she?

    Bhargav Saikia
    Yes, she was really very good in Hey Ram. I shall get that movie for keep.

  11. Yes Darshit,
    I quickly realised that that song was indeed sung by Alka Yagnik, but it was too late to modify the message, it had gone already. I am left to wonder who gave the wrong information to Deezer.

  12. Hehehe. She was very good in Hey Ram and Monsoon Wedding. I am not a huge fan of her voice although she is decent. Darshit and Vasundhra in a tree... ;-)

  13. yea shes the best !!! :D
    check this out...my fave song of hers...

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. yves
    Hota hai, happens.

    Welcome back from jaws of Lochs :) And thanks for putting me on Tree. Its where I deserve..[monkey :D]

    OMG, U reminded me of my childhood favorite !!! I was always [and still] wondering what the song meant? And whoa..its sung by my fav singer !! I loved that song very much. Thanks for reminding me..

  16. not sure i want to date her but yeah, she has that 'extra something' in her...hey ram and monsoon wedding apart, i loved her throaty voice in both rabba rabba and shaka laka baby...and you are so right about her voice being so natural on raveena tandon and then again for preity zinta!

  17. A
    Welcome. Yes, she has got superb voice that make her different from others. And yes, similarities !!

  18. Anonymous22:26

    Here's my post : http://imienazwisko.wordpress.com/2009/06/08/a-love-post-vasundhara-das-reply-to-drunkdraft/ :)

  19. She's my favorite singer - and a very fine actress as well! So excited to see a big post on her. Great point about how she suits Preity!

  20. Beth

    Welcome to my blog, Beth. Indeed, she's a versatile girl. So glad you liked the post. Have you visited Louella's post, she has another *great* post on her, Here She has done extra fab job. Do visit it.

  21. Anonymous01:22

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Vasundhara is the most beautiful girl in the World with good voice.

  23. nice to meet u in ink 2011 and thanku


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